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Study Abroad programs:
To be considered for financial aid, you must complete a Consortium Agreement.  This is an agreement between Eastern University and your Abroad school confirming that Eastern will process your financial aid while you attend there.  For more information on the various Study Abroad programs, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website. You can also find Study Abroad scholarships depending on which program you chose.


General coursework at a nearby college:
Students who are receiving their degree or certification at Eastern University may take coursework elsewhere.  To be considered for financial aid for any courses taken at another institution, you must complete a Consortium Agreement

Important Information:

  • A student cannot receive financial aid at two schools during the same term of study.
  • A student must obtain the approval of Eastern’s Registrar to take coursework elsewhere.
  • Once a Consortium Agreement is submitted to Eastern's Financial Aid Office, any changes in registration must be reported immediately.
  • Once a student is finished taking coursework elsewhere, he/she must provide an OFFICIAL academic transcript to Eastern's Office of the Registrar.

Please be advised that your financial aid eligibility is impacted by the cost information provided to our office on the Consortium Agreement completed by your Study Abroad program.

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

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