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Current Institutional Review Board Members

J. Nathan Corbitt, DMA (Chair)
Dr Corbitt served both as a musicologist and cross-cultural communication strategist in Southern and Eastern Africa between 1982 and 1992. There, he assisted a broad variety of ministries and managed a multi-national media center. An interdisciplinary teacher, he has taught widely across disciplinary areas. In 2000 he co-founded BuildaBridge International, a cross-cultural arts education organization committed to using the arts in education, healing and reconciliation, primarily with vulnerable populations in urban contexts.

Dr. Corbitt is the author of The Global Awareness Profile (Intercultural Press 1998); The Sound of the Harvest (Baker 1998) and co-author of Taking the Gospel to the Streets: How the Arts Are Transforming Communities (Baker 2003).

Tara Stoppa, PhD
Dr Stoppa is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Eastern University. She is a developmental scientist with expertise in the areas of lifespan development and research methodologies. Her research intersts include indentity formation processes during adolescence and the transition to adulthood, with specific interests in understanding religious and spiritual identities and the implications of these domains for everyday lives of youth and their communities.
Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, EdD
Dr Ngunjiri is Assistant Professor & the inaugural Director of Research in Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Eastern University. Her research interests focus on women and leadership, particularly how women articulate servant leadership, tempered radicalism, spirituality and global leadership within organizations and communities. She is the author of "Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa: Tempered Radicals and Critical Servant Leaders" (SUNY, 2010).

Dr Ngunjiri's courses include Research Methods, Leadership and Globalization, Dissertation Proposal Seminar, and Leadership, Spirituality and Mission. She mentors doctoral researchers in the dissertation phase.

Susan Edgar-Smith, PhD
Dr Edgar-Smith, PhD. (B.A. Connecticut College, 1984; MA & PhD Bryn Mawr College, 1998) is Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Counseling Psychology department.  She serves as the degree coordinator for the School Counseling and the School Psychology programs. Dr. Edgar-Smith is a lincesed and school certified psychologist, specializing in school consultation for elementary, secondary and post-secondary students who are coping with learning and social/emotional issues. Her consultations involve short to long-term psychotherapeutic interventions and psychoeducational assessments. her clinical areas of interest include Aspergers Disorder, ADHD, anxiety and depressive disorders, eating disorders, childhood abuse and its impact on emotional, social, and academic progress.

Her research interests include childhood abuse, family relational values, and thier relationship to adolescent family processes, forgiveness, special needs youth inchurch communities, and educational psychology. She teaches graduate courses in child and adolescent counseling, school consultation, special education, assessment, and she supervises school counseling and psychology field experiences.

Patricia O'Callaghan Reger, PhD
Dr Reger is Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Eastern University and Chair of the Department of Biokinetics. She is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience with her concentration of practice held in orthopedic/musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Dr Reger teaches courses in both Exercise Science and Athletic Training Education Programs whcih include  Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Research Methods, Exercise in Special Health Populations, Theraupatic Modalities and Dance Anatomy. Her area of research involves exercise-induced cardio-protection in a model of spontanous hypertension which she has presented at both the state and national levels. Other interests include health of the mind, body and spirit in the management of childhood obesity.

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