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Ad Astra Tutorial

Astra Scheduling Software      

Summary:  Eastern’s scheduling system, Astra Schedule, is a web-based tool available to the EU community for requesting rooms or searching the Calendar for specific academic sections or non-academic events.  It is integrated with the CARS system and provides for all campus scheduling needs, including access to the three Eagle Learning Center (ELC) Conference rooms.  Astra is easy to use and has individual portal access on the home page; log in with your EU user name and password.  

This instruction sheet covers two topics: the steps to submit an event request using one of several specific online forms, as well as how to search for specific classes or events on Astra Schedule.

How to submit an event request at St. Davids using Astra:

  1. Go to astra.eastern.edu via Internet Explorer as the preferred Web browser.
  2. Log in to Atra Schedule with your Eastern user name and password.
  3. Open the Home tab; click on "Request an Event"; type title in box labeled Event Request Wizard; choose appropriate request form from these three drop down choices:
  • Administration, Faculty, and Staff Request Form - Scheduled by EU Conferences for all space on St. Davids campus, excluding Dean's Conference Room in McInnis and three ELC conferences rooms. Three day lead time.  ELC Classrooms are scheduled for academic use by the Registrar and scheduled by Conferences for all other uses via this first form.
  • Dean's Conference Room Meeting Request (McInnis) Scheduled via Cornelia Reilly in CAS Dean's office.
  • ELC Conference Rooms Request Form - ELC 200, 209, 309 - Scheduled by CCGPS Operations staff: B. Rutledge and M. Walsh at ELC Front Desk and Operations Manager D. Van Elswyk. Mandatory 24 hour head time.
  • Within the specific Event Request Form are several sections – please be thorough and complete because each blue section includes key information, especially the section which includes the Meeting Generator.  Activate the Meeting Generator to denote the requested dates and times by clicking the grey box that says Add/Remove Meetings.  Note: If you omit the Meeting Generator option your request will be declined, since it will not have a date or time. 
  • Create Meetings is at the top of the Meeting Generator Form page.  For a one time meeting fill out the information on the left and click Add Meeting (in green).  Click Add Recurring Meetings if this request is for a regularly recurring meeting (weekly, monthly, every day for a set period, etc.)  After you make this choice the meeting data will come up on the right column with multiple option buttons in green shown above (save and update request, request rooms, request resources, clear meetings)
  • You must choose the Request Rooms option prior to requesting resources.  Resources are requested once you have a room, and are connected to that room.  If you want to reserve some equipment for use other than in a conference room you should choose the room option ELC Front Desk
  • On the room request page you will need to expand the column on the left to fully view each room number.  Click on available in green to choose an open room.  Once you are finished with this step click on the green Reserve Resources button.  You will be shown a page with available equipment.  Once you have chosen your resources you will need to save your resource page and then click submit your request as it appears on the page.
  • Email notifications are sent to the customer contact for each segment of the Astra process.  Although this may appear redundant be sure to check for any scheduler comments or notes on your notification emails. 

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