Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance & Immunization Requirements for Eastern University Students

Proof of current enrollment in a health insurance program or the purchase of University Insurance as appropriate, prior to class attendance and housing occupancy, is required for Eastern University students in these four student groups: 

  1. All full-time traditional undergraduate students in the traditional undergraduate (four year) programs
  2. All students living in University Residences
  3. International Students (regarding shorter programs, please see below) - This group will be automatically enrolled and billed for their first year but will need to enroll or waive for subsequent years.
  4. Varsity Athletes and Varsity Athlete hopefuls (all programs, undergraduate and graduate)

Students in groups 1-4 MUST enroll in the St. David's Student Health Insurance Plan or waive the insurance online, showing proof of alternate, current health insurance coverage. Comparative shopping is encouraged.  Enrollment or waiver is online ONLY. Students in groups 1-4 may use the St. Davids Health Center located at St. Davids for care, including physicals and immunizations or may use local providers. Dr. Rocklan Walker is not the primary care physician, and students who remain in the area for the summer months must seek a primary care physician to fill that role.

International students in programs that require short residencies (one to five weeks of residency, spread out over the duration of the program), must purchase health insurance on their own, through a Travel Insurance Provider (for the US) such as The plan must include repatriation costs, Drs. Office visits, hospitalizations and medical airlift home if necessary. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE INSURANCE FOR RESIDENCIES MORE THAN FIVE WEEKS.

Travel Insurance

Visit regarding insurance when traveling abroad. If you should become sick or injured while abroad and need to see a doctor, you must first call the 877 number on the back of your school insurance card to contact Scholastic Emergency Services (SES). Of course, if it is an emergency - get medical help first, then call. Claims must be submitted in english.

All Other Students

It is highly recommended that all Eastern University students carry health insurance. Full-time students who are not required to carry health insurance may be eligible to participate in one of the Eastern University Student Health Insurance Plans. Speak to a representative to see if you are eligible. Students who are not required to carry insurance but choose to be insured under one of the EU Student Health Plans are NOT eligible to use the St. Davids Health Center. Services are provided by many other local health care sites.

If you have private insurance, you may submit a waiver request online at Paper waivers will no longer be accepted.  

$100,000 minimum Accident/Sickness Policy is required.

To view Eastern University's Health Insurance Brochure & Plan, visit, select Eastern as your school, and click on the current brochure.

Nurse Hotline 24hours IF you have the School Health Insurance: 1-800-505-4160

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