Student Health Insurance

Proof of current health insurance coverage or the purchase of University school health insurance, prior to class attendance, is required for the following students: 

  1. All full-time traditional undergraduate students in the traditional undergraduate (four year) programs
  2. All students living in University Residences
  3. International Students (regarding shorter programs, please see below) - This group will be automatically enrolled and billed for their first year but will need to enroll or waive for subsequent years.
  4. Varsity Athletes and Varsity Athlete hopefuls (all programs, undergraduate and graduate)

Students must either enroll in or waive the school insurance.  Enrollment in or waiver is ONLINE ONLY: Proof of alternate health insurance must be provided if waiving. Comparative shopping is encouraged.

Students with school insurance are encouraged to visit the student health center for care during our regular business hours.  Please refer to the community resources link for after-hour care.  The school insurance will then be used like any other health insurance plan. A nurse hotline is available with the school insurance plan at 1-866-799-2670.

All Other Students

Graduate students will no longer be able to purchase our school insurance plan. Please look at the government health insurance sites for more information. We encourage you to compare prices with private insurance companies as well.

To view Eastern University's Health Insurance Brochure & Plan, visit, select Eastern as your school, and click on the current brochure.

Travel Insurance

Visit regarding insurance when traveling abroad. If you should become sick or injured while abroad and need to see a doctor, you must first call the 877 number on the back of your school insurance card to contact Scholastic Emergency Services (SES). Of course, if it is an emergency - get medical help first, then call. Claims must be submitted in english.

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