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Student Accounts Office

Our Goal

The Office for Student Accounts will manage the online billing and receive payments for your student account while you pursue your education at Eastern University. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS/Traditional), the Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CCGPS/Non-traditional) and Esperanza College (NEC/Traditional) students are served by our office's financial planning assistance. 


1098T forms were mailed to all students that paid tuition in 2013 by January 31, 2014. You may find 1098T information on your student portal at my.eastern.edu

All Eastern University Students

* A Late Payment Fee of $110.00 is assessed to all semester-based student account balances that are not cleared at the start of the semester. Session- based students will be assessed $55.00 each session that the account balances have not been cleared at the start of the session.

* A Monthly Service Charge of 1.5% is added to all student accounts that carry a past due balance.

Online Billing Information

Eastern University does not send paper bills. We have partnered with CASHNet to provide online billing information for all our students.  You may make credit card payments by accessing CASHNet. To access CASHNet and to view your online bill follow these steps:

               1. Log in to:  my.eastern.edu

               2. Click: "Student Records" tab

               3. Click: "Student Accounts" on the left

               4. Click: "Go to CASHNet."

               5. Select: "View Bills"

Services Provided To

Students, Parents, Faculty/staff

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