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Information on Fees

Student Services Fee
The Student Services Fee, assessed each term of enrollment, supports complimentary services to students, subsidizes or eliminates admissions fees to events and trips and provides upgrades to common areas. The fee acts to enhance programming and services related to academic support, psychological and social well-being, cultural activities and other programs and services as appropriate to the student population in the school.

Late Payment Fee
Students are expected to pay their account balances by the due date listed on the bill.  If payment is not received the student is subject to a $110 late payment fee. Students who register after the bill due date are expected to make payment at the time of registration in order to prevent a late payment fee.

Monthly Service Charge on Delinquent Accounts
A Monthly Service Charge of 1.5% will be added to all accounts that become delinquent. In addition, the Monthly Service Charge is added to all delinquent accounts that are carrying past due balances. The Monthly Service Charge is added to accounts just prior to the mailing date of the Monthly Account Statements.

A student is not allowed to begin a new term or semester until any account balance is paid or satisfactory arrangements are made with the Student Accounts Office.

Transcripts and Diplomas
Transcripts and diplomas will not be furnished until account balance is paid in full.

Green Energy Fee (Traditional undergraduate and graduate students only)
The Student Government Association (SGA) has asked that the University assess an annual fee of $30.00 to each student, so that Eastern can buy electric power from green energy sources. The fee is included in your bill.  You may opt out of the program by sending an email to the Student Development Office by the deadline of SEPTEMBER 10th.  Please include the following information:

  • Statement of request to opt out of the "Green Energy" Program
  • Your full name
  • EU ID number

Email your request to the Student Development Office at: studev@eastern.edu.

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