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What to Wear

Commencement: What to Wear

Academic Regalia (Caps, Gowns, Chords, Stoles, etc.)

How to attain your Academic Regalia

All graduates (exception Ph.D. and DA students) must order their cap and gown from the University Bookstore at the St. Davids campus. There is no cost to you and the academic attire is yours to keep. Order your cap and gown here.

You may pick up your attire during regular business hours or have it shipped to you. There is a $7.50 shipping and handling fee if shipped. It is encouraged to order your cap and gown by December 1, 2015. If you have not requested your academic attire, please do so immediately in order to guarantee arrival for Commencement.

Attire must be picked up at the Bookstore by December 8, 2015.

For CAS and CCGPS students, your academic attire will include a hood with colors appropriate for your degree. Please check that you have received the correct hood for your degree. 

Try on your cap/gown before Commemencement Day to be sure it fits correctly. If you find a problem, contact the bookstore PRIOR to Commencement. Hang your gown on a hanger to minimize wrinkles, DO NOT IRON.

If you are part of an Academic Honor Society and would like to wear Honor Cords, please speak with your department directly. They will not be provided the day of Commencement.

Ph.D. and DA students must order their gown through the Herff Jones representative. Please email Chris Urban, Herff Jones College Division, at crusales@msn.com. Orders for custom gowns must be placed 6 weeks prior to Commencement. The Hood is supplied. The cost of the gown is the responsibility of the student.

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