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Strategic Communications & Marketing

The Chief Marketing Officer (“CMO”) oversees department processes, staff hires and development, budgets, corporate sponsorships, and implementing strategic marketing initiatives and campaigns. Vendor relationships and agreements for executing marketing strategies that involve traditional marketing, digital, online, video, new technologies, specific campaigns, and the like, are also overseen by the CMO. Overall department vision and strategy and executing projects and initiatives, as well as ongoing recruitment marketing projects requested by the colleges, are also part of the responsibilities of this role.

Partnerships & Alliances

The Director of Partnerships and Alliances heads up our Partnership area along a Project Manager and MBA Graduate. The team will work on communication structure and plans, leadership initiatives and training in corporate relationships, while also working on the structure and events of current or potential partnerships. Another focus will be on the strategy, planning and engaging of Radnor corporate community.


Management of writing, content, and marketing communication is executed through this service area.

Branding & Graphic Design

Our Design service area is led by our Branding Director with assistance from our Art Director and Graphic Designer. This area is responsible for all branding development, graphic design project schedules, illustrations, photography management, logo development and guidelines, printing preparations and schedules and all processes related to design and production management.

Customer Service & Special Projects

Our Customer Service and Special Projects service area is led by our Project Manager, with assistance from graduate and undergraduate assistants. Management of the Howard Fellows Program is also under the purview of this area, as well as general marketing projects, team training, events, and workshops. In junction with Palmer, this area also plans external relations events for the seminary and its constituents, as well as functions as a liaison between University Relations and Palmer.

Web & Online Services

Our Web and Online service area is led by our Web Director, with assistance from our Senior Web Manager, and online consultants. The goal here is to implement the best web strategy—identifying the best tools and practices, as well as seamless web and technology applications, and to sue them strategically to deliver results that benefit the University. The site functionality, structure, design, content, photography and development are overseen by the Web Director.

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