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Parents & Families

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q) What help is available for my student if s/he can't decide on a major?
A:  Eastern's Office of Talent & Career Development offers individual career counseling specifically for helping students choose a major.  During the fall semester, we host the Meet Your Majors Fair (required for all first-years) to connect students with faculty.  We also offer online interest surveys and career exploration tools to help students discover areas of interest and what majors might pair well with those areas. 

(Q) When can my student begin using the Office of Talent & Career Development?
A:  Once a student is enrolled (attending EU), s/he can visit our office to make an appointment with a career counselor, participate in events, or look for part-time jobs or internships.  Visit the Office of Talent & Career Development for more information.

(Q) How can my student find an Internship, Part-time or Summer Job?
A:  We offer access to Symplicity, a powerful job board that offers over 4 million jobs and internship postings daily.  We also publish a weekly local jobs in the neighborhood newsletter.  Click here.

(Q) How can parents and families serve as effective "career coaches" for students?
A: 1. Support your student as s/he explores and develops interests and discovers talents through co-curricular activities, leadership positions, volunteering and community service, summer jobs, and internships.
2. Encourage your student to take advantage of all Office of Talent & Career Development services:  individual career counseling, workshops, job fairs, resume services, online resources, etc.
3. Direct your student to family, friends, and colleagues who are in fields in which your student has an interest.  ‘Informational Interviewing’ can be helpful in career exploration. 

(Q) How many Eastern graduates find jobs or go to graduate school after graduation?
A: From the survey of the most recent College of Arts and Sciences graduating class (2014), a total of 94% of respondents are working, in post-graduate education, or serving as full time volunteers within six months of graduation

(Q) What do Eastern graduates do?
From the survey of the most recent College of Arts and Sciences graduating class (2013), after 6 months:

  • 77% are employed (45% in private companies, 37% in nonprofits, and 19% in public/government organizations)
  • 16% are in graduate or professional school (41% sciences/health, 30% education/social sciences, 15% business/math, 7% humanities, and 7% in seminary)
  • A list of employers who have hired recent EU graduates

(Q) As a parent or family member, how can I help the Office of Talent and Career Development?
If your company is hiring, please let us know!  We also love to bring in professionals from many fields for mock interviews and other career events.  Contact Sarah Todd at if you are interested in volunteering. 

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