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Leadership Fellows Program

Print Application and Reference Form for the Leadership Fellows Program.

"The Leadership Fellows Program has been my favorite and most meaningful experience here at Eastern. LFP has given me the opportunity to better my leadership skills while developing lifelong community. It has helped me use my God given passions and talents to create and lead the Operation Net group on campus. Operation Net is an organization that raises awareness and money for the issue of malaria and provides and distributes mosquito nets for the nations of Uganda and Haiti. LFP has been a highlight of my college experience and is an amazing program." - Kali Fairchild, Class of 2013

Admission Requirements:

Applicants will be considered based on leadership experience, Christian commitment, academic achievement and their ability to integrate and embrace LFP’s three core commitments.  An interview may be requested.

A minimum GPA of 3.3 is required for admission (although the average GPA for a cohort is above 3.7).  Although SAT or ACT scores must be reported and may be considered in the admissions process, there is no minimum required score.

Admission Decisions:

Once all LFP application documents are received, LFP admission decisions are processed on a rolling basis and communicated beginning Dec. 1.  For a competitive chance in the selection process please have all application materials submitted by February 28th, 2014. Update: The LFP Director is still taking applications for the 2018 cohort class.

For questions about the program please contact your admissions councilor or email the LFP Director at LFP@eastern.edu

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