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Words In Common Usage At The University

  • AM and PM
  • alumna (female); alumnae (female plural); alumnus (masculine); alumni (masculine plural or mixed group)
  • biblical (capitalize Bible but not biblical)
  • board of directors, board of trustees (not capitalized), use the board, the trustees or the directors on second reference
  • campus (lowercased) even when used as St. Davids campus
  • capital (city); capitol (building)
  • catalog
  • course work
  • database
  • Dean’s List
  • Eastern University: when referring to Eastern University throughout, capitalize “the University. ” But “a university” should NOT be capitalized.
  • e-mail
  • Fast-Track MBA® is a Registered Trademark of Eastern University, obtained in January, 2000.  It must always be written as shown here. The first time it is used on a page, the following words must be included on the same page: ® Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Note:  The phrase “ ® Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.” may be in italics and smaller type than the body copy of your text.
  • Fax
  • Try to use first-year student but when you are unable to remember that: Freshmen is plural, freshman year, freshman students (when used as an adjective)
  • full time (noun and adverb); full-time (adjective)
  • gospel (capitalize when referring to any of the four books of the Bible, such as the Gospel of Luke; lowercase in other references such as gospel singer)
  • home page (two words)
  • inner city (noun); inner-city (adjective)
  • Internet
  • laptop (adjective and noun)
  • McInnis Learning Center
  • multi (most compounds formed with multi are one word such as multicultural)
  • nonprofit
  • online
  • Scriptures 
  • software
  • sophomore
  • St. Davids (not 's)
  • theatre 
  • versus
  • vita (singular) vitae (plural)
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Web site 
  • World Wide Web
  • worldview (one word)
  • waterwheel (one word)

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