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Minor in Biology

Why Minor in Biology at Eastern?

The Minor in Biology at Eastern University prepares students to enter the job market in careers such as education, field biology, or laboratory research.  The minor features consists of three areas: social science, pre-medical and environmental.

Eighteen hours are required for a biology minor with no more than two courses at the 100-level.

Recommended courses for each of three minor areas are listed below.

  • Social Science: BIO 103, 151, 233, 234, 312
  • Pre-medical: BIO 151, 152, 216, 310, 311, 312, CHE 320, 322. Note that Pre-medical requirements are listed on page 68 of this catalog.
  • Environmental: BIO 103, 151, 152, 290, 309, 350 (A,B,C) and Au Sable courses

Core Requirements

  • BIO 103 and 104 are specifically designed for the non-major to satisfy the core requirements of integration of faith and discipline.
  • BIO 151, 152 are also suitable, but are focused to meet the needs of biology majors.

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.

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