Eastern University is pleased to offer Biology students the opportunity to study off-campus at the Au Sable Institute. Courses are directly credited through Eastern, one of the founding schools of the Au Sable network. This program provides the following opportunities:

  • Rich Educational Experience: More than 50 Christian colleges and universities partner to offer field courses in May and Summer I and II, in northern Michigan, Whidbey Island in Puget Sound (Washington State), Costa Rica, and India. Examples of Au Sable courses include Aquatic Biology, Alpine Ecology, Marine Biology, Marine Mammals, Conservation Biology, Tropical Agriculture and Missions, Ecological Agriculture, and International Development and Environmental Sustainability.
  • Graduate Early: This program  allows students in the Biology department to graduate in 3.5 years. Contact your Admissions Counselor or Academic Advisor for a 3.5-year graduation plan.
  • Save Money: The summer field courses at the Au Sable Institute are less expensive per credit hour, and even cheaper if students quality for a grant-in-aid or a fellowship. If students graduate a semester early, they also save additional money and are able to enter the market or grad school sooner.  
  • Professional Certifications: The Au Sable institute offers professional certifications in several areas, based on certain courses taken at home institutions and Au Sable.  Learn more at ausable.org

Dr. Rachael Alfaro is the Au Sable Institute Faculty Representative. She can be reached at rachael.alfaro@eastern.edu.