Courage to Be Myself

Sam, BA Psychology
"Getting my degree in psychology required courage because for a long time, I felt pressured to pursue nursing or physical therapy. It took courage to step away from those wasn’t easy to go against what others wanted for me."

Courage to Lead

Tim, MA Clinical Counseling
"I work with youth who experience displacement, and for the most part have experienced trauma in different circumstances...we must have a loving heart to support our youth through the difficult circumstances that have found them living in our shelter."

Courage to Explore

Kristine, BSW Social Work
"When you explore new places, the best part is the opportunity and privilege to get to connect to people who maybe never would have been in your sphere. I want to never shy away from people and real meaningful connections out of fear."

Courage to Persevere

Bryan, BS Business, MBA
"I slowly began accruing college credits a couple classes at a time while I worked full time. It took me 10 years to complete my BA and I am thankful that I did not give up. I continued my education through many life changes -- job changes, getting married, purchasing our first home, becoming a father."

Courage to Flourish

Drew An, BS Psychology
"This jar represents continually stepping out of my comfort zone —living in Maine, studying in China, taking on challenging school work, encouraging healing in myself and others, and pursuing new projects at my job. Courage means constantly remaining faithful to the joyous work of being fully alive."

Courage to Protect

Regie, BA Criminal Justice & Sociology
"My current career path toward becoming a police officer requires courage through the calling to protect and serve.  Playing basketball throughout my life has taught me so many life lessons about perseverance, facing adversity, being disciplined."

Courage to Connect

Amy, DA Marriage & Family Therapy
Flowers represent growth in my life and the life of my clients, especially when they “bloom”…such a great metaphor for our lives. I can only guide clients to places I’ve also explored. So, exploring all aspects of my life and discovering new things about myself or my life (which are not always pleasant) takes courage."

Courage to Become

Sanovia, MA Urban Studies
"As an aspiring Artrepreneur, it takes courage to believe that God has called me to a place of building a business and becoming a full-time singer/songwriter. It takes both courage and vulnerability to share my ideas with the world. It takes a full belief that what you are doing is the right thing."

Courage to Create

Noah, BS Exercise Science
"I am a potter and love the imagery of God being the potter and us being the clay.  I hope that courage will show me where I am supposed to go, so that I can use my skills as an exercise scientist, as an artist, and as a friend to continue to grow and create in all that I do and be willing to change."

Courage to Fight

Kyle, BS Biokinetics, MEd
"I hope courage will lead me to constantly grow! Not to be comfortable or complacent, but to ‘fight’ for the desires of my heart and to pursue Jesus. To be the best husband, father, pastor, friend and every other role I carry…and to complete some more triathlons.

Courage to Explore

Rachel, BA Psychology
"I love both exploring the world, and exploring all of what I am capable of, whether that be academically, physically, or spiritually. With the support of the many caring faculty members at Eastern, I have been taught to be brave in asking big questions that I desire answers to."

Courage to Reach

Greg, PhD Organizational Leadership
"Pursuing my PhD takes courage. For me it is embracing the courage to reach for the vision and calling God has placed on my heart. My hope is to bring respected scholarship and years of business experience to aspiring future leaders. I want to offer both the science and the art of leadership."

Courage to Grow

Khareema, BS Early Education
"My children were an integral part of the reason why I re-enrolled in school. I wanted to change the narrative of not graduating from college and create a new cycle. I was concerned about juggling being a full-time student, parent, and employee...I needed courage (and God) to manage all of that."

Courage to Conquer

Rusty, BS Exercise Science
"The Captain America Shield is a reminder that in order to conquer you have to have a warrior mentality to overcome your doubts and fears, which requires courage. Eastern University has increased my belief in myself, allowing me to expand my thoughts and set higher goals for myself."

Courage to Hope

Lindsey, BA Communication Studies
"This is a DreamBook that I created a year after I lost my older sister to cancer. It represents the goals I have for my own life, some for me, and some for Emilee. As I look into the unknown of the future, this book reminds me of the young girl who was inspired by her older sister’s faith and fight against cancer."

Courage to Imagine

Merrick, Master of Theological Studies
"My career path requires courage to push up against systematic oppression so people can live their lives with dignity, rather than in hurt and fear. The underlying technology for cryptocurrencies (blockchain) can change the world for the better. I hope that courage leads me to seeing oppressive systems fall."

Courage to Dare

Laura, MA School Counseling
"My physical, mental, and emotional strength can be represented by my running shoes. Being a school counselor requires the courage to speak up when something is not right; children’s lives depend on this. Eastern has helped me step out of my comfort zone in order to prepare me for my future career."

Courage to Leap

Sabrina, BA Psychology & Political Science
"I have joined the Peace Corps program and will be in Zambia for two years. I had to have courage to accept all my fears and for a moment realize that my fear is smaller than what I will be experiencing and learning. For just one single moment I let all of it go and decided to pursue something that was greater than myself."

Courage to Inspire

LaDontay, MEd
"In order to inspire, educate, and build another, the motivation must come from within. It takes determination and a steadfast spirit to “trail-blaze” for followers. Eastern encouraged me to search deeper within myself. I hope courage will lead me before young men and women to encourage and inspire them."

Courage to Fail

Liz, BA English
"Courage to me is not only being brave in the face of failure (one of my biggest fears), but embracing failure as a natural part of life, and treating failure as a learning experience. My social anxiety could easily hold me back from saying yes to new challenges, but every day I tell myself, ‘You’ve got this.'"

Courage to Impact

Joseph, MS Nonprofit Management
"My career and passion require me to lead and be a person of impact. I work for a non-profit that requires me to work with first generation college students. I want to be the innovator that creates and writes strategies and programs that promote a positive change in the communities that I serve."

Courage to Risk

Bonita, MA Urban Studies
"My path requires courage because it entails embracing the uncertainty of the future in working in urban youth ministry. It requires re-thinking traditional methods of urban youth ministry and bridging the gap between urban culture and urban youth ministry."

Courage to Start

Matt, PhD Organizational Leadership
"My family is the center of my life. I would like to complete my degree in an effort to not only be a better business professional, but also to demonstrate to my children that life is about the continual process of learning and personal growth. I hope my journey provides an example."

Courage to Excel

Jordan, BA Criminal Justice
"Courage is the decision to be better than you were yesterday. In the criminal justice program, I have the courage to meet new people, excel at the highest level, and be engaged in new opportunities. My faith guides and supports me in every decision that I make."

Courage to Empower

Megan, MA Urban Studies
"In our current social climate, being a Black woman is a part of my identity that I cling to and celebrate now more than ever before. I love being able to inspire young people of color to follow their passions and see their education as a springboard for their promising futures."

Courage to Speak Out

Marquita, MS Nonprofit Management
"I currently serve as the Sr. Director of Operations for a nonprofit that has offices in 11 cities. We partner with other local organizations to serve alongside and empower people living in poverty and those who are often on the margins of society. I believe in using my voice."

Courage to Achieve

Alex, BS Exercise Science
"I knew that it would be a great challenge and take courage to pursue my dream in exercise science; the same can be said for being a dual sport athlete. I strive to have the same work ethic when it comes to being in the classroom as I do out on the field."

Courage to Act

Jess, MA School Counseling
"I left a job that I had been at for ten years in order to pursue my desire to become a school counselor. The courage to make this leap was sparked by my father’s passing...Losing a parent can bring much clarity into your life and you realize how precious time is."

Courage to Change

Cori, MBA Management
"At age 44, I decided that I was going to change careers. All I know is how to be a nurse. It has taken courage to continue my quest to become a successful business woman. I hope courage will lead me to my end point of making healthcare more consumer friendly."

Courage to Believe

Mital, MS Health Services Management
"Courage helped me a lot in my study to handle cultural shifts as an international student. The education system is different; to keep up with change I needed lot of hard work, patience and courage. At Eastern I learned how to be a fearless and believe in myself."

Courage to Share

John, MBA
"As Scouting continues to evolve to serve more families, we must have courage to make the changes that help more youth develop character and leadership skills despite pushback to change. I am a student of Jesus' leadership skills."

Courage to Continue

Sandra, MS Health Services Management
"Getting my master's was something I always wanted to do, but continually put off.  As I was nearing the last 10 years of my career, it made more sense to just do it! My age proved to be an asset as I had life experiences that others did not."

Courage to Step

Timothy, MBA Health Administration
"Getting my MBA was the first step forward to growing as a person and furthering a career into a field I am passionate about. My journey includes stepping out of comfort zone and taking chances, which is what will guide me to a better future."

Courage to Dance

Samantha, BA Psychology & Dance
"As a blind student who wanted to study dance, getting my degree meant doing something others thought was unthinkable. My courage was primarily fueled by an Eastern professor. My dual degrees gave me the knowledge behind what I want to do in the future – start a program for dancers who are visually impaired or blind." 

Courage to Inspire

Lara, MEd Multicultural Education
"Teaching at a small school, I am with the same students for up to five years. Because of this, I need resilient courage to walk alongside students through various stages of their lives and education until they find success. Recently I was chosen as a finalist for the Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year award..."

Courage to Thrive

Lenise, BA Entrepreneurial Studies
"Eastern, in a way, gave me permission to be brave. Professors, staff and friends began calling me things like "leader" and "influencer" before I even believed myself to be any of these things. The Eastern community is filled with organizations, clubs and athletic teams wired to bring out the best in men and women."

Courage Anthem