Started in Fall 2018, this new and exciting program saves you time, money, and stress. It works like this: Residential students in our traditional undergraduate programs can receive two, tuition-free, online summer classes for each year of study at Eastern University. That’s right. Tuition = $0.00. No kidding. You pay only for books and the usual summer term fee. Here are 3 options we think you’ll love.


In most of our majors, you’ll be able to complete your “4-year” degree requirements in only 3 years for the price of 3 years.  You’ll also need to take 6 credits online during each of your two intervening summer sessions. 

To take full advantage of this option, you’ll have to take 18 credits (6 classes) in each of five semesters and 19 credits in one semester, and you’ll also need to take 6 credits (2 classes) online during each of your two intervening summer sessions. Add it all up … and that’s 121 credits. Graduation in just three years. The path to graduation can be easier and perhaps a little faster if you bring in prior credit from AP tests or from dual enrollment programs.


Eastern University FastPass is a great way for students with jobs or vigorous extracurricular activities to lighten their load during the school year.


Students with Jobs: Going to school while holding down a job can be a challenge. The typical student takes 15 credits (5 classes) in a semester and many take 18 credits (6 classes). Eastern University FastPass™ allows you to postpone a few classes into the summer, creating an easier fall and spring term of just 12 to 13 credits followed by a light summer of only 6 online credits. 

Students with Vigorous Extracurricular Activities: Rewarding experiences like athletics, drama, music, and student government contribute to a well-rounded education but can also be quite time-consuming. Eastern University FastPass™ to the rescue! You can take a lighter load and catch up in the summer.


We've made it easy for you to pursue 2 different majors at the same time. Pay for college once but get two different academic qualifications. 

Many Eastern students choose to pursue 2 different majors at the same time … to “double major.” Eastern University FastPass™ makes it easier to do this because, in the 3 summers between your 4 academic years, you can take 18 extra credits for $0 tuition. You pay for college once but get two different academic qualifications. The investment creates a broad and flexible foundation for your future!


Who qualifies?

Students in our traditional undergraduate programs, who reside on campus and maintain satisfactory academic progress, can take advantage of this program. It is open to students in all majors in all colleges, including the Templeton Honors College. (Note: While all majors qualify for free online summer classes, talk to your admissions counselor about whether your major allows you to graduate in 3 years.)

What about commuter students?

We didn’t forget you. Commuter students who carry a full-time EU traditional undergraduate course load during the academic year, but do not pay for room and board, will receive significant discounts on these summer classes. We call it EU FastPass Lite. You'll pay only $195 per credit hour for summer online courses in 2018-2019. That's a discount of almost 50%!

Which classes will be offered?

All classes are offered in a convenient online format, so you can take them from anywhere in the world that has internet service. Courses are managed through our state-of-the-art BrightSpace™ learning environment.

Biblically Informed
BIBL 101 Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament
BIBL 102 Nature and Meaning of the New Testament

Oral Communication
COMM 120 Introduction to Public Speaking

Quantitative Reasoning
CSCI 150 Introduction to Computing Concepts
MATH 220 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Science

Scientific Reasoning
BIOL 105 Introductory Biology

Social Sciences
PSYC 100 General Psychology
SOCI 105 Contemporary Social Problems
POLI 103 American Government
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 201 World Geography

Western Tradition
INST 161 Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization: The Modern World
PHIL 100 The Heritage of Inquiry: An Introduction to Philosophy

Beyond the West
ENGL 225 Postcolonial Women's Novels
ENGL 235 Global Fiction

Formed in Christian Thought
MISS 100 Introduction to Christian World Missions
THEO 240 Introduction to Christian Theology

ENGL 236 Young Adult Literature
ENGL 302 American Literature
COMM 220 The Art of Film

INST 270 Justice in a Pluralistic Society
SOWK 110 Human Diversity and Social Interaction

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