Eastern is committed to helping our military service members, veterans, and their families afford their education. To this end, we offer the following grants and scholarships.

For Traditional Undergraduate Students

The Hero Grant provides $3,000 per year for full-time students who are active-duty, guard and reserve members, or veterans.*

The Hero Legacy Grant provides $2,000 per year for spouses and dependents of veterans and military service-members.*

The Hero Housing & Board Scholarship covers basic housing and board fees for resident veteran-connected full-time undergraduate students who are 100% eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill and are using their benefits. This award is also extended to students participating in and receiving scholarships from Eastern's cross-town ROTC partners at Valley Forge Military Academy and College or St. Joseph's University.**  

For Graduate and Professional Students

The Hero Grant provides a 25% discount of all tuition for graduate and professional studies students in many Associates, Bachelors, Graduate, and Certification programs. The Hero Grant also provides a 10% discount to veteran students in doctoral programs and LifeFlex programs such as the MBA in Organizational Management and MS in Data Science. Veterans and retirees of the US military are eligible.*

Effective Spring 1 2021, the Hero Grant for new students in Adult Undergraduate programs (with the exception of the BSN2) who are currently serving in the US Military in active duty, National Guard, or Reserve components will be a special tuition rate of $250 per credit.

The Hero Spouse Grant provides a 15% discount on tuition for graduate and professional students in many Associates, Bachelors, Graduate, and Certification programs. The discount rating is 10% for doctoral programs, the MBA in Organizational Management, and the MS in Data Science. Spouses of military service members and veterans are eligible.

* The Hero Grant may not apply to tuition covered by the benefits administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs or the Department of Defense such as the GI Bill or Federal Tuition Assistance (TA), particularly for students who are fully funded through these benefits.

** Amounts awarded for the Hero Housing Scholarship will be determined after Pell Grants and other housing-related aid has been awarded. Acceptance of this award may alter your overall financial aid package. To learn more, speak with our veteran student team and the financial aid office.