Home for the summer? Want to catch up on credits or lighten your load for next year? Whether you’re a current Eastern University student, a student at another college, or a high school student looking to get a head start, we invite you to take advantage of our wide array of online summer courses!


  • Full Summer Session (14 Weeks): May 11 - August 16
  • Summer 1 (7 Weeks): May 11 - June 28
  • Summer 2 (7 Weeks): Jun 29 - August 16

Rooted in the Greater Philadelphia area, grounded in Christian faith, and purposefully affordable, Eastern University is your perfect summer class solution. 

Courses Offered

The following list contains the online undergraduate courses in Summer I and Summer II that are eligible for free or reduced tuition through FastPass 2020. Available courses include those that fulfill 2019 and earlier general education requirements (listed below), as well as electives that may fulfill certain major requirements.

Any course with a * also meets the 2020 and later “new” general education requirements. Any course with a ✣ after it means that it is a course that requires a prerequisite.

Biblically Informed
BIBL 101 Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament
BIBL 102 Nature and Meaning of the New Testament

Oral Communication
COMM 120 Public Speaking*

Quantitative Reasoning
CSCI 150 Introduction to Computing Concepts*
MATH 103 Mathematical Ideas*
MATH 220 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Science*

Scientific Reasoning
BIOL 105 Introductory Biology*

Social Sciences
PSYC 100 General Psychology*
POLI 103 American Government*
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology*
GEOG 201 World Geography*

Western Tradition
INST 161 Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization: The Modern World*

Beyond the West
ENGL 225 Postcolonial Women's Novels*
ENGL 235 Global Fiction*

Formed in Christian Thought
MISS 100 Introduction to Christian World Missions*
THEO 240 Introduction to Christian Theology*

ENGL 236 Young Adult Literature*
ENGL 302 American Literature*
COMM 220 The Art of Film*
ENGL 245W Introduction to Creative Writing*

INST 270 Justice in a Pluralistic Society*
SOWK 110 Human Diversity and Social Interaction*

EDUC 211 Ed Psych*
EDUC 234 Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 301 Assessment and Evaluation
EDUC 384 Inclusive Education
BSBA 221 Business Statistics*
BSBA 306 International Business✣
BSBA 311 Business Ethics and Leadership
BSBA 340 HR Management
BUSA 350 Business Law✣
BSBA 480 Strategic Management
LEAD 220 Statistical Analysis & Decision Making
LEAD 320 Research in Organizations
LEAD 336 Finance for Non-financial Managers
LEAD 360 Essentials of Project Management
LEAD 440 Strategic Change
CRMJ 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRMJ 205 Introduction to Policing 
CHEM 095 Preparation for Chemistry 
CHEM 195 Preparation for Organic Chemistry 
CHEM 350 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry✣

....and more! For a full list of online summer courses, browse course dates and times below. 

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FAQs About Online Learning

How do online classes work?

While every course is unique, we can guarantee the following:

  • It will use a state-of-the-art BrightSpace™ learning management system, where you will find all of your assignments, course content, and discussion boards for interacting with your classmates and instructor.
  • The course will be interactive and use a variety of activities such as recorded lectures, video segments, games, case studies and group breakout areas.
  • The course will be of the same academic rigor and quality of all other courses. You’ll enjoy the quality of an on-campus class, with the convenience of being able to study at the beach, pool, or your favorite coffee shop.
How will I interact with my classmates and instructor?

Community is very important to the culture of Eastern University.  You will find that both your classmates and your instructor will want to communicate with you and have meaningful conversations. These conversations may happen through email, discussion boards, Skype, G-chat, or Zoom. Zoom is a program built into the learning management system that allows you to share your desktop, use a white board, and utilize video and audio capabilities.

Will I have scheduled online class times?

At Eastern University, all online courses are asynchronous. Your courses are conducted according to a schedule outlined in your course syllabus, but there are no "live" classes to attend. Instead, lectures, coursework, and discussions all take place at your convenience, allowing you to choose when and where to work on your studies.

Are online courses completely self-paced?

No, your class follows a syllabus with due dates for assignments.  It is expected that you are in the learning management system (Brightspace) 3-5 times a week, actively participating in posting on the discussion board, submitting assignments, and viewing webinars.  All assignments have due dates and courses must be completed within the scheduled block of time.

What are the technology requirements?

Our courses are compatible with Mac or PC platforms. In order to sign up for our online classes, you should have regular access to the internet and email, as well as be familiar with creating, format, and attaching Microsoft Word documents. It is also recommended that students have a microphone and/or headset.

Who will teach the online courses?

Great question! Online students are taught by distinguished faculty who are also practitioners in their fields. Many students develop strong relationships with their instructors. We often hear stories of how students credit those relationships for helping them have a successful online education experience.

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