Not only does our diverse faculty educate and mentor students, but their commitment to research and lifelong learning keeps them writing as well! From writing books, academic journals, and scientific reports to research publications, book reviews, and commentaries, our faculty have filled countless hours filling pages. Check out this sampling of books from our beloved professors - collectively, that’s 5,390 pages of new books to explore. Happy reading!

Note: The list below is just a sampling of books by Eastern professors. There are many more publications than we had space to include here!

Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos 

David Bradstreet BookIn Star Struck, Christian astronomer David Bradstreet and writer Steve Rabey take readers on a guided tour of the biggest story ever, combining a respect and admiration for mainstream astronomy with a zeal for uncovering new details about God’s celestial handiwork at its core.

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Preaching Romans

Joseph Modica: Preaching Romans

Chaplain Joseph B. Modica, along with Scot McKnight, has assembled this stellar one-stop guide exploring four major interpretive perspectives on the apostle Paul: Reformational, New, Apocalyptic, and Participationist. These essays and sermons splendidly demonstrate how each perspective on Paul brings valuable insights for preaching on Romans.

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How The Bible Actually Works

Pete Enns: How the Bible actually works

Moving us beyond the damaging idea that “being right” is the most important measure of faith, Dr. Pete Enns’ freeing approach to Bible study helps us to instead focus on building our relationship with God — which is exactly what the Bible was designed to do.

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Adolescent Life and Ethos: An Ethnography of a US High School 

Chang BookChang provides a description and a cultural interpretation of American adolescent life. Based on anthropological fieldwork among adolescents in a small high school and its surrounding community, this ethnography presents a description of their social life, an interpretation of the cultural ethos reflected in their lives and a discussion of procedural and personal dimensions of conducting ethnographic research.

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The Meaning of Protestant Theology 

Phillip Cary: The Meaning of Protestant Theology (2019)

Veteran teacher Phillip Cary explains how Luther's theology arose from the Christian tradition, particularly from the spirituality of Augustine. Dr. Cary shows how more than any other theologian, Luther succeeds in carrying out the Protestant intention of putting faith in the gospel of Christ alone. 

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Race and Reconciliation: Redressing Wounds of Injustice

Hatch bookJohn B. Hatch analyzes various public discourses that have attempted to address the racialized legacy of slavery, from West Africa to the United States, and in doing so, proposes a rhetorical theory of reconciliation. Recognizing the impact both of religious traditions and modern social values on the dialogue of reconciliation, Hatch examines these influences in tandem with contemporary critical race theory

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The Bible in Motion: A Handbook of the Bible and Its Reception in Film

Rhonda BookThis two-part volume contains a comprehensive collection of original studies by well-known scholars focusing on the Bible's wide-ranging reception in world cinema considering issues of biblical reception across a wide array of film genres

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Social Relations and Cultural Demands in Economic Action: AIDS, Food Security, and Change in Peasant Societies 

mtika bookDr. Mike Mtika’s work focuses on the cultural demands for economic action in regards to the great concern of the impact of AIDS on food, security, and future in peasant society. 

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