Kathy-Ann Hernandez

Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez

Professor and Co-Chair Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

Eagle Learning Center 307

Dr. Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez is Professor of Leadership and Research Methods at Eastern University and co-chair of the Ph.D. Program in Organizational Leadership. She has more than twenty years of experience as an educator at various academic levels in the United States and the Caribbean. She is also a scholar/activist who has collaborated to conceptualize, secure funding, implement, manage and evaluate university-community partnership programs including the Community Technology Center, the Cosby Academic Posse Program, and the Temple University After-school Program. In recognition of her work, she was awarded the Marlene Smigel Korn Humanitarian Award 2003-2004 for excellent contribution in teaching, scholarship and/or service from the College of Education at Temple University. 

Dr. Hernandez is a trained research methodologist who is actively involved in conducting research, facilitating research workshops, and teaching and advising on social science research methods and program evaluation. She is the co-author of Collaborative Autoethnography (Left Coast Press, 2013), a research method that uses the collective experiences of individuals as researchers and participants to understand social phenomena. Her career mission is to bridge the gap between scholarship and practice through the sound application of research findings to solving real world problems. As a scholar-activist, her faith and profession are inextricably linked to who she is and her calling. Read Dr. Hernandez's CV.

  • B.A. in English, Andrews University
  • M.A. in Educational Administration and Supervision, Andrews University
  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Temple University
Research Interests

Her research is focused on the Black Diaspora and the salience of race/ethnicity, gender and social context in identity formation, leadership development, and social and academic outcomes for marginalized populations. She is also committed to interrogating and fostering the leadership development experiences of women and minorities in academic and public settings.

Select Publications
  • Hernandez, K. C. (Forthcoming). Advancing Research on Religious/Spiritual Affiliation and Constructions of Black Masculinity". In C. P. Cause (Ed.), “Can I Get A Witness?” Representations of Black Masculinity in Hip Hop, Film, and Popular Culture
  • Hernandez, K. C. (January, 2014). Enough with the “Hush Hush” Talk: How the Church can Move Beyond Same-Sex Stigmatization to Loving Action, Caribbean Perspectives. 26-31.
  • Hernandez, K. C., Ngunjiri, F. W., & Chang, H. (2014). Exploiting the margins in higher education: A collaborative autoethnography of three foreign-born female faculty of color. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 1-19. doi: 10.1080/09518398.2014.933910 (online first)
  • Chang, H., Ngunjiri, F. W., & Hernandez, K.C. (2013). Collaborative Autoethnography. Left Coast Press.
  • Hernandez,  K. C. & Ngunjiri, F. W. (2013). Relationships and Communities, In T.  Adams, C.  Ellis, &  S. Holman-Jones (Eds.). Handbook of Autoethnography, Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2011) Spiritual Introspection and Praxis in Teaching and Assessment. In H. Chang, & D. Boyd. (Eds.) Spirituality in Higher Education (pp. 163-179).Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.
  • Hernandez, K.C.  (2011). The Other Brother. Journal of Black Masculinity, 1(2), 92-116.
  • Hernandez, K. C. & Davis, J. E. (2008). The Other Side of Gender: Understanding Black masculinity in teaching and learning. In R. Milner & E.W. Ross (Eds.), Diversity and Education: Teachers, Teaching, and Teacher Education (pp.17-30). Westport, CT: Greenwood/Praeger.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2006). Under the Afro Tree: Perceptions of the School Related Experiences of  British Virgin Islands high School Students. In K. Mutua & C. Sunal (Eds.), Crosscurrents and Crosscutting Themes: Research on Education in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, Volume III. Greenwich CT:  Info Age Press. 
Select Presentations
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2014). Making the Case for Church-School Partnerships in Support of Black Males. 3rd International Colloquium on Black Males in Education, Atlanta, Georgia, Oct. 3.
  • Ngunjiri, F.W., Hernandez, K. C., & Elbert, C. (2014). The Spiritual Strivings of Black Women in the Academy: Unpacking our Collective Realities. Paper Presented at the ILA Annual Meeting. San Diego, California: October 29-Nov 2.
  • Hernandez, K. C., Murray-Johnson, K. (2014). Towards a New Construction of Blackness: Being a Black Immigrant Women in US Academe. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, PA: April, 2014.
  • Leander, B, Small, E, Gregg, Godfrey, & Hernandez, K. C.(2013). Under the Microscope: Surviving the Scrutiny of Being a Black Male Leader in Academe, Paper presented at the International Leadership Conference 2013. Montreal, Canada: October.
  • Hernandez, K.C. (2013)  Navigating the Labyrinth: An Intersectional Interrogation of Three Immigrant Women of Color in Academe. Paper Presented at Women in Leadership Affinity Group Conference, Pacific Grove, CA., June 9-12.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2013).  Beyond Scholarship to Social Action: Stepping Away from the Podium and Into the Penitentiary. Paper presented at the 9th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.Urbana-Champaign May 15-18.
  • Gramby-Sobukwe. S., & Hernandez, K. C. (2012). In the Community but No Longer of the Community:African-American Churches and Diversity Paper presented at the International Leadership Conference 2012. Denver, CO.
  • Chang, H., Hernandez, K. C., & Bilgen, W. (2012). Self-Reflexivity: A Habit of Mind for Developing Leaders. Paper Presented at the Tobias Leadership Conference, Colorado Springs, CO: February 23-25
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2011). Masculinity Ideology and Religiosity/Spirituality Among African American Men. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LO: April 7-12.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2011). Academic Aspirations and Social Responsibility among Religious/Spiritual Black Male. Paper presented at American Men’s Studies Association, Kansas City, MO: Mar. 31- April 3.
  • Hernandez, K. C., (2009) Religiosity As a Predictor of Academic Achievement. Paper presented at the Emerging Scholars Interdisciplinary Network Summer Symposium, University of Michigan, July.
Selected Research Reports/Projects
  • Hernandez, K.C.  (2013). Back to Basics After-school Program Report.2013.  In Collaboration with Clearwater and Associates Consulting and Chester Community Charter School.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2012). No Child Left Behind Title I Parent Engagement Policy 2009-2010:A Preliminary Evaluation Report Parent University Spring 2011: A Preliminary Evaluation Report in  Collaboration with the Office of Parent, Office of Parent, Family, Community Engagement and Faith-Based Partnerships, School District of Philadelphia.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2011). Parent University Spring 2011: A Preliminary Evaluation Report. In Collaboration with the Office of Parent, Office of Parent, Family, Community Engagement and Faith-Based Partnerships, School District of Philadelphia.
  • Hernandez, K. C. (2010). No Child Left Behind Title I Parent Engagement Policy 2009 - A Preliminary Evaluation Report. In Collaboration with the Office of Parent, Office of Parent, Family, Community Engagement and Faith-Based Partnerships, School District of Philadelphia.
  • Davies, H. F., & Hernandez, K. C. (2004). Review of Virgin Islands Secondary School System Master Plan for Government of the United States Virgin Islands.
  • Hernandez, K.C., and Sewell, T (2004). Making the Most of Teaching: A Practical Guide for a Successful First Year. For Center for Research in Human Development and Education Research Congressional Award Grant, Temple University.
Professional Associations and Service
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Emerging Scholars Interdisciplinary Network
  • International Leadership Association