List of PhD in Organizational Leadership Dissertations: View a list of completed dissertation topics from Eastern alumni who received their PhD in Organizational Leadership.

May 2020

Cheyenne Bennett
A Quantitative Investigation Examining the Perception of a Leader's Integrity and Ethical Orientation of an Employee's Sense of Meaning and Engagement in a Small Business Environment

JoAnn Flett
Reshaping the Goals of 21st Century Business: A Grounded Theory Study of the B-Corporation Movement

Ericka Harney
Sustaining Volunteer Leadership in Associations: Succession Planning Through the Lenses of Planned Behavior and Organizational Commitment

Patricia McLaughlin
Creating Success: A Grounded Theory Study of International Development Expatriate Project Leaders

Natasha Webster
Advancement and Persistence in Higher Education Leadership: A Narrative Study of Women Deans in Business Schools

May 2019

Ochasi Aloysius
An Exploratory Analysis of Moral Distress, Moral Disengagement and Ethical Climate Among U.S. Medical Residents

Karen Asenavage
A Systems Model for Internationalization in U.S. Higher Education: Influence of Context, Culture, Leadership, and Faith

Russ Carafagno
Value Based Leadership: The Impact on Preferred Leadership Preferences Across Generational Cohorts

Rosalie DelleMonache
Exemplary Leadership Development of College Athletes: The Role of Reflection in Leadership Development

Chelsea Foster
Providing Educational Opportunities for a Marginalized Latino Community in a Challenging Climate: An Instrumental Case Study of an Urban Charter School

Eric Kreutter
Leadership Emergence: The Moderating Roles of Self-Awareness and Meaning in Life

Rena Morrow
Effective Charter School Principal Leadership in Urban High-Achieving Schools: A Dual Case Study

Daniel Mossissa
The Prediction of Individual Virtuality and Propensity to Trust on Affective, Continuance, and Normative Organizational Commitments

Kay Nussbaum
Diversity Stewards: A Multi-Site Case Study of Governing Boards in Christian Higher Education

Dana Watson
The Relationship Between Follower Perception of Authentic Leadership and its Impact on Mission Alignment in Faith-Based, Child Welfare Organizations

Harry Ytreoy
Exploring Organizational Commitment in "Loosely Coupled" Organizational Systems: An Examination of the Unionized Construction Industry

May 2018

Wendy A. Bilgen, PhD
Constructing a Social Justice Leadership Identity: An Autoethnography of a Female Jewish Christian Social Worker Living in Turkey

Christopher J. Darabant, PhD
Leadership Practices, Ethnicity and Job Satisfaction: A Grounded Theory Study of Team Dynamics

Bethany Huxford Davis, PhD
Workplace Faith Integration in Nonprofit Christian Camp and Retreat Center Organizations: A Grounded Theory

Robert P. French II, PhD
Indications of Global Knowledge in the Development of Global Mindset: An Exploratory Analysis of Knowledge Specific to Global Industry and Global Organization amongst U.S. Clergy Members of the United Methodist Church

Steven J. Jeantet, PhD
Considering a Relationship Between Moral Disengagement, Faith Maturity and Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Study of PCA Churches in Florida

Richard Harvey Jonsen, PhD
Workplace Community in Strategic Human Resource Management: The Role of Social Mediators in the Strategic Human Resource Management Black Box

Cheryl M. Patton, PhD
Workplace Conflict, Management, and Leadership Implications: An Interpretive Phenomenology of Medical Imaging Technologists

Jonathan Peri, PhD
Non-Traditional Pathways to the Presidency in U.S. Higher Education: A Collective Case Study

Steven M. Polonus, PhD
Constructive Parental Involvement on Interscholastic Athletic Teams: A Grounded Theory Study of Head Coach Leadership

Kara R. Price, PhD
The Hidden Gems of STEM Organizations: A Portraiture Inquiry of Authentic Leadership in African American Women Leaders

Ayisha E. Sereni, PhD
The Self-Perceived Role of Emotional Intelligence on the Leadership Effectiveness of Executive-Level Women Community College Leaders

May 2017

Joanne Marie Hall Boyer, PhD
Exploring Creativity in Organizations: Elements Needed for Organizational Creativity to Occur in Higher Education

Donna Gabbadon, PhD
The Relationship Between Principal Transformational Leadership, Teacher Leadership, and Teachers' Perceptions of a Social School Climate in Jamaica's Urban Elementary Schools

Anita Charisse Gregory, PhD
A Crack in the Stained-Glass Ceiling: The Leadership Journey of African American Female Church Leaders in Their Own Voice

Judy A. Johnston, PhD
Empowered and Leading: Single Mothers Who are Pursuing Higher Education "Life Happens" a Phenomenological Study

Rev. Charles Metcalf, PhD
Successfully navigating the church's labyrinth: a phenomenological exploration of the path to leadership for female senior pastors in the church of God

Ruth Roberts, PhD
How Do Leaders in Organizations Designated a Best Place to Work Manage Performance?

Kimberly Shatzer, PhD
Navigating Life and Work: A Grounded Theory Study Examining the Experiences of Female Middle Managers in Banking

Dustin Cory Stiver, PhD
Catalyzing Collective Action: A Grounded Theory of Network Leadership

December 2016

Kimberly D. Mitchell, PhD
Flourishing on the Front Lines? An Appreciative Examination of Contact Center Representatives' Relationships with Their Supervisors

May 2016

Charesse Ford, PhD
In Pursuit of Educational Equity in U.S. Independent Schools: A Grounded Theory Study of Diversity Leadership

Daniel Gluck, PhD
Kenyan Churches as Catalysts for Grassroots Peacemaking: An Appreciative Leadership Case Study

Erik Meader, PhD
An Examination of Authentic Leadership on Team Performance: The Moderating Role of Societal Culture

December 2015

Scott DeWitt, PhD
Everday Battle: Big-Church Envy Among Small-Church Pastors

Mary Ellen Harris, PhD
Organizational and Leadership Strategies for Addressing Workplace Bullying: Best Practices as Perceived by Human Resources Leaders

Michelle Kissinger, PhD
The Effects of Collaborative Creative Arts on Leadership Competency Self-Awareness: A Social Science Portraiture Study
Board of Fellows Dissertation Award 2016

Gina Long-Accardo, PhD
The Imminent Leadership of the Roman Catholic Church: An Assessment of Parishioner Perceptions and Clergy Self-Perceptions of Servant-Leader Behaviors

Gordon Zook, PhD
Leadership Understandings of Organizational Effectiveness: An Exploration within the Context of Faith-Based International Nongovernment Organizations

May 2015

David Brewer, PhD
One Network, Two Initiatives: A Multiple Case Study of a Church Collaboration Network

Desiree Dube, PhD
"Can Anything Good Come Out of Africa?" The Challenges and Achievements of African Faculty Members in Higher Education in the Northeast of the United States

Lidetu Kefenie, PhD
The Search for Good Leadership Behaviors: A Study of the Relationship Between Second-Order Global Leadership Dimensions and Ethical Ideologies

Catherine Sensenig, PhD
Cross-Cultural Leadership and Partnership in a Small NGO: An Ethnography of Community Development in Rural Ecuador

Emmanuel Small, PhD
Successful African American Male Leaders in Predominantly White Institutions: Exploring the Integration of Spirituality and Leadership

December 2014

Danielle Dillman, PhD
Resilient Leadership: An Emergent Leadership Approach and Developmental Model

May 2014

Brian Albright, PhD
When Business is the Mission: A Study of Faith-Based Social Business in Sub-Saharan Africa
Board of Fellows Dissertation Award 2015

Brian Leander, PhD
Diversity-Oriented Churches: A Mixed-Methods Study of Top-Management Team Openness to Diversity, Senior Pastor Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Practices

December 2013

Michael Evans, PhD
Educational Leadership for Excellence and Equity: A Case Study of an Urban Hispanic Charter School

Donna Gwaltney, PhD
Do High Performance Human Resource Practices and Organizational Cultural Affect Staff Turnover in Institutions of Higher Education?

Karen Kispert, PhD
Nonprofit-Public Collaboration for the Common Good

Thomas Klaus, PhD
Leadership in an Intractable Conflict Over Public School Sexuality Education in the United States

Cheryl Tokke, PhD
Core Values for Leadership in Times of Change: A Canadian Case

May 2013

Charlie Campbell, PhD
Board of Fellows Dissertation Award 2014

Seamus Clune, PhD
Transformational Leadership, Teacher Self-Efficacy and Effective Use of Instructional Technology within Online Communities of Practice

Mike Dominik, PhD
Servant Leadership Behaviors of Aerospace and Defense Project Managers and Their Relation to Project Success

Regina Durante, PhD
Value-Based Leadership: An Examination of the Impact Values have on Teacher's Perception of Misconduct

Maggie Madimbo, PhD
Transformational Engaging Leadership: Portraits of Women Leaders in Nalawi with Implications for Leadership Development

Priscilla Ndlovu, PhD
Spirited Ubuntu Leadership: Women's Experiences in the NGO Sector in Zimbabwe

David Ober, PhD
An Examination of the Leadership Practices of Outlet Retail Store Managers and their Relationship to Gross Sales

Geri Remy, PhD
Cultural Relevant Pedagogy of Critical Thinking for Leadership Development: Action Research of Korean Nurses in the United States

Julie Rood-Breithaupt, PhD
Multiple Intelligences for Effective Global Leadership

December 2012

Pat Bleil, PhD
Mentoring Experiences of Women Executives in the Pharmaceutical Industry; A Phenomenology

Grace Fornicola, PhD
Women as Leaders during Organizational Downsizing in Child Welfare Nonprofit Organizations

Stephanie Povlosky, PhD
Trust as a Key Aspect of the Overall Perception of Change in the Leader-Follower Relationship

May 2012

Terrina Henderson-Brooks, PhD
When Leaders Wear Lipstick: Strategies Black Women CEOs Use to Achieve Success in Leadership

Danny Kwon, PhD
Intergenerational Ministry: An Explanation Into An Emerging Paradigm For Youth Ministry

Keith Keppley, PhD
A Reflected Vision of Leadership: A Study of Leadership Through the Camera's Lens

David Wolf, PhD
An Examination of Skilled Nursing Facility Administrators' Leadership Practices and Their Relationship to Quality of Care