Current program costs are found through Student Accounts Tuition Information, under "Graduate". Procedures for payment are detailed on the Student Accounts website.

Graduate / Research Assistantships
Students who have successfully completed at least one year of study are eligible to apply for a research assistantship. A research assistantship is typically given to students who are recommended by the faculty of first-year courses. The assistantship is for one year but is renewable for up to two years. Both new and repeated applicants for assistantship must submit applications each year. 

Merit and Need Based Scholarships
All students are selected for admission to the Ph.D. program based on academic preparation, leadership experience, and alignment with Eastern's mission. Candidates with superior academic qualifications or financial need will be considered for tuition grants ranging from 10 to 20%. A limited number of grants will be awarded to selected applicants in each academic year and are renewable for up to three years. Tuition grants may be combined with other scholarships, such as the early admission merit grants described on the Admissions Criteria page.

The David and Ellie Greenhalgh Scholarship
The David and Ellie Greenhalgh Scholarship of $1,500 will be annually granted to at least one student, with financial needs and an excellent academic and leadership promise. Based on faculty recommendations, the Board of Fellows and Dr. David Greenhlagh will select the awardees.

Military and Veteran Benefits
Learn more about our military and veteran benefits here.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents enrolled in the doctoral program are eligible for Stafford Loans, if they have not exhausted their financial aid opportunities in previous programs. The structure of this program qualifies as full-time enrollment, and all of the federal aid possibilities it entails. For more information, consult Eastern's Financial Aid website.

More information can be found through Student Accounts Tuition Information. Procedures for payment are detailed on the Student Accounts website.