BA in Missiology and Anthropology

Why Major in Missiology and Anthropology?

The purpose of the BA in Missiology and Anthropology at Eastern University is to prepare students for Kingdom work in cross-cultural settings.  Anthropology provides ethnographic skills and an understanding of culture; missiology clarifies the gospel of Jesus and the mission of God. Together, the two disciplines create a unique degree that emphasizes the dialogue between Christ and cultures. 

Students receive classes in anthropology, missiology, cultural geography, Bible, linguistics, and contemporary issues that prepare them for work abroad or at home. Required experience enables students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the fields of Missiology and/or Anthropology post graduation. Internships are also available.

The unique integration of two disciplines within a faith-based curriculum is focused on world-wide mission and cross-cultural service for the Kingdom of God.  With a BA in Missiology and Anthropology, students will be mentored by qualified and caring professors who will help them become educated and effective Christians working in cross-cultural contexts. 

Graduate in 3 Years!

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The Christian Ethnographer

The Christian Ethnographer is a student-run journal dedicated to enriching the fields of missiology and anthropology through the publication of excellent ethnography. We study ethnography in order to better understand humanity as part of God's creation, created in His image to contribute to the work of His kingdom with insights gained through research and ministry. We also aim to give a voice to young scholars who can revitalize ethnography with a Christian faith-based approach. Read the latest issue of the journal.