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The Major for the B.A. in Global Studies and Service

Course Number Course Name Credit
MISS 100 Introduction to Christian World Missions 3
ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology 3
ECON 220 Faith and Economic Justice 3
SOCI 375 Social Change and Globalization 3
ANTH 251W The Discovery of Foreign Worlds 3
MISS 310 Christ and Culture 3
ANTH 320 Language and Culture 3
MISS 420 Contemporary Issues in Missions and Anthropology 3
  Subtotal Credit Hours: 24
  Total Credit Hours (with concentration): 30

Anthropology Concentration

Course Number Course Name Credit
ANTH 395 Field Experience in Anthropology 3
ANTH 401 Ideas in Anthropology 3
  Subtotal Credit Hours: 6

Missiology Concentration

Course Number Course Name Credit
MISS 395 Field Experience in Missiology 3
MISS 401 Ideas in Missiology 3
  Subtotal Credit Hours: 6

Total credits = 30

9 credits double count for core requirements: Miss 100 for “Christian Thought”; Anth 101 for “Social Sciences”; Econ 220 for “Justice” requirements.

MISS 100 and ANTH 101 are also offered online during the summer sessions and can be taken at no cost as part of the Fast Pass program.

This major works well as a double major with other majors, and it prepares students for a wide variety of types of work and ministry that involve people in cross-cultural contexts. Field experience is required, and internships are encouraged.