The Department of Social Transformation (comprised of the Criminal Justice, Global Studies and Service, Political Science, Sociology, Theological and Cultural Anthropology) seeks to cultivate Christian change agents to transform communities, local and global.  Our students will pursue a distinctly Christian and interdisciplinary education emphasizing social justice through the development of critical thinking, research and analytical skills.  These skills will equip them to take up vocations related to social activism, political transformation, community restoration, and the ongoing pursuit and application of knowledge in our respective fields.

Incorporating both graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as the Study Abroad Malawi program, and the Campolo Institute for Applied Research in Social Justice, the Department of Social Transformation seeks students who are passionate about social change, restorative justice and moving Christian communities to be agents of reconciliation in a conflicted and divided world. Our faculty are scholar-practitioners seeking to apply concepts and theories presented in class in the world-at-large.