Why Major in Sociology?

The BA in Sociology—with its broad scope of study topics including social change, group relations, social problems, urban dynamics, immigration, social inequality, family systems, majority/minority relations, religion, and others—offers students skills that will enable them to be effective agents of transformation in any sector of society. Jobs are often found in business, social services, health services, law, community development, government, the non-profit sector, international relations, education, and research. The BA in Sociology is a valuable asset in the pursuit of a fulfilling career in promoting human flourishing.

    Mallory Jacoby
    “The supportive and warm environment that my professors created in their classrooms made learning come effortlessly. They challenged our views and pushed us to search for answers where things seemed bleak. Eastern helped to form the lens that I use in my professional life.”

    Mallory Jacoby '16, Oncology Social Worker

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