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Core Courses

Course Number Course Name Credit
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCI 105 Contemporary Social Problems 3
SOCI 220 Social Statistics 3
SOCI 245 Socialization and Group Relations 3
SOCI 315 Social Stratification 3
SOCI 318W Research Methodology 3
SOCI 401 Sociological Theory 3
SOCI 418 Senior Seminar 3
SOCI 495 OR SOCI 417  Internship or Senior Thesis 3
  Subtotal Credit Hours: 27
Elective Courses
Choose FOUR courses from:
SOCI 273 Social Institutions and Justice  
SOCI 305 Collective Behaviors and Social Activism  
SOCI 312 Majority-Minority Relations  
SOCI 330 Special Topics  
SOCI 340 Urban Sociology  
SOCI 350 Poverty, Oppression and Development in Africa  
SOCI 370 Immigration and Transnationalism  
SOCI 374 Sociology of Religion  
SOCI 375 Social Change and Globalization  
SOCI 409 Community Development in Developing Nations  
SOCI 416 Research and Data Analysis  
  ONE of the following external courses may count as an elective:  

CRMJ 220 Restorative Justice; CRMJ 305 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

ANTH 251W Discovery of Foreign Worlds; ANTH 320 Language and Culture

POLI 212 International Relations; POLI 355 Human Rights and International Law

PSYC 304 Social Psychology; PSYC 324 Cross-Cultural Psychology

  Subtotal Credit Hours: 12
  Total Credit Hours: 39