Financial Literacy & You (FLY)

April is Financial Literacy Month!

Eastern University is committed to promoting financial literacy and healthy money management to our students.

Eastern University is ranked #9 in the Top 50 College Financial Literacy Programs of 2020!

The Financial Literacy & You (FLY) program seeks to help students learn how to better manage their money so they can afford to stay in school, borrow wisely and graduate with the financial skills needed to achieve their financial goals. Listed below are a few resources provided by the program:

Prospective/Incoming Students. Higher education can be expensive; we want to give you the tools you need to make an informed decision when figuring out how to pay for college. Check out these helpful tips on money management.

Current Students. Learn important information on money management while in school, smart loan borrowing - only borrowing what you need, and how to apply for other possible forms of financial aid other than student loans.

Graduated Students/No Longer Attending. Whether you've recently graduated or have stopped attending school, make sure you know what to do. We have advice and tools on money management, loan repayment, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and how to prevent/resolve default.