Current Students

Money Management Help.  The financial choices you make during college might right range from handling pocket change to managing thousands of dollars from a refund check.  No matter how much money you're dealing with, properly managing your money helps you properly manage your future.  When you know how to manage your money, you will be better prepared to pursue your goals- and have money to make those goals a reality.

Smart Loan Borrowing.  Student loans are funds that help cover educational costs but are required to be paid back once your graduate or stop attending school.  You can set yourself up for student loan success by borrowing smart from the start.

Additional Financial Aid Resources.  Having trouble paying for your classes?  The Financial Aid Office is here to help relieve your stress over your Eastern bill.  There are additional financial aid options available for you to explore.

Adult Students

Money Management Help.  Don't be discouraged by the thought of paying for school while having other financial, family, and community responsibilities.  Learning how to properly manage your money will help you succeed in balancing school costs with your other expenses.

Life Events.  Looking for help with financial decisions during the different stages of life?  Whether you're planning on starting a family or your own business or looking to purchase your first house or anything in between, get helpful financial tips and suggestions for the planned and unplanned events of life.

Additional Resources. Utilize the following resources for assistance with financial resources: