Borrowing loans for your education can be helpful but, in order to make sure you are borrowing responsibly, start SMART.

  • Start by understanding the different types of loans available. There are several types of loan options each with varying interest rates and terms of eligibility. View all the available loan options.
  • Monitor how much you actually need to borrow. When accepting a student loan, know how much money you’ll actually need to cover your school expenses. You don't have to accept all the loan funds offered to you; borrow only what you need.
  • Alternative aid options may be available. Make sure you have exhausted any other possibilities before borrowing student loans.
  • Repayment of your loans is a reality. Don’t wait until you graduate to understand student loan repayment options. Keep track of your loan history and lender information by visiting National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). Stay up to date on the different repayment plans & loan forgiveness options available.
  • Talk to the Financial Aid Office if you have questions. Don’t navigate the world of student loans alone. We are here to help with all your student loan questions. Stop by the Financial Aid Office and speak to a representative about your questions or concerns.

Before You Borrow – Check out Nelnet's Live Life Smart Guide
Do you have student loans? Use a student loan calculator to see what your monthly repayment amount would be if you entered repayment today.