Are You Eligible


ALL STUDENTS must meet the following criteria in order to receive Federal Student Aid:

*Provisionally accepted students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid.  Students may become eligible the semester after their provisional status has been resolved if all necessary paperwork has been completed and the student has met the eligibility criteria. Students pursuing an Education Certification are considered as 5th year undergraduate students for financial aid purposes and will be held to the undergraduate level loan limits.

** If you are a male 18 through 25 years of age and you have not yet registered with the Selective Service, you can give the Selective Service permission to register you by answering “YES” to the question on the FAFSA, by completing a card at your local Post Office.

CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

The Financial Aid Office cannot consider CLEP credits when determining financial aid eligibility.  For example, if a student registers for 6 credits during one semester and also receives 3 CLEP credits during that same semester, then only 6 credits will be taken into consideration for financial aid purposes.  Also, CLEP credits do not count toward Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) requirements.

In some instances, our office needs additional forms before determining financial aid eligibility.