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Eastern Scholarships

Traditional Undergraduate

Eastern University offers many scholarships and grants to full-time students (with and without financial need) who are fully accepted into a degree-seeking program. A student may not receive Eastern Grants and Scholarships for more than 8 semesters (or 4 years). The total of Eastern University Grants and Scholarships may not exceed full tuition.

Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Scholarships Website for more information on Eastern's many scholarship opportunities or contact your admission counselor today.

Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS)

Grants and scholarships for adult undergraduate and graduate students.

Palmer Theological Seminary

Several major scholarship programs have been established at Palmer to help make it more financially feasible for students to earn a theology degree. For a complete listing of scholarships available, please visit Palmer Theological Seminary’s website.

Esperanza College

The Esperanza College Grant is very unique to Esperanza College. This is one of the many commitments we’ve made to ensure that a private Christian college education be accessible and affordable to all of our students. This grant alone covers over half of tuition for 100% of our students attending Esperanza College regardless of their financial status. How can you receive it? Apply, be admitted and decide you want to be a student at Esperanza College and you too can receive the Esperanza College Grant. For more information, please visit Esperanza College’s website.

Tuition Remission
The Tuition Remission Program at Eastern University provides tuition benefits for full time regular employees, their spouses, and eligible dependent children. Those who meet all of the conditions of eligibility, including the required year of full time service, receive remission for 100% of the cost of tuition. Under this program, employees may take a maximum of three credit hours per semester (unless enrolled in a cohort/nontraditional program). Eligible spouses and dependents may take a full- or part-time course load. For more information on eligibility and other program features, please contact the Human Resources Department.

ALL Undergraduate students are required to file the FAFSA before they can receive Tuition Remission – no exceptions. Any federal or state grant or other EU funds the student is eligible to receive will impact the amount of the Tuition Remission benefit. The total value of the discount and grants will not exceed the cost of tuition. The federal and/or state aid may go toward room and board for faculty and staff dependents who are on-campus residents.

Tuition Exchange
The University’s Tuition Exchange Program provides the opportunity for full time regular Eastern employee dependents to receive undergraduate scholarships at one of the participating member institutions. Eastern offers the opportunity for employees to apply (on behalf of their qualifying dependent) for scholarships through three organizations. The three organizations are Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TE), Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and Council for Independent Colleges (CIC). A list of participating colleges and universities can be found at:

Application for the Tuition Exchange Program does not guarantee acceptance into participating schools or ensure a scholarship. Approval must be granted by the accepting institution. For more information about eligibility and other plan features, please contact the Human Resources Department.

ALL Undergraduate students are required to file the FAFSA each year before they can receive Tuition Exchange – no exceptions.  Any federal or state grant or EU funds the student is eligible to receive will impact the amount of the Tuition Exchange scholarship. The total value of these awards will not exceed the cost of tuition. Students must reapply to the Human Resources Office each year to establish eligibility for the benefit and must file the FAFSA each year to receive the award. 

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