BS in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)

Why Major in Early Childhood Education?

This program is designed for students who are interested in obtaining the Certification in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4). Eastern University's undergraduate Education Program is designed to develop excellent teachers and educational practitioners who can serve in a variety of settings in early and basic education. Students are prepared to communicate effectively, think critically, utilize technology appropriately, learn independently and collaboratively, and serve competently in their chosen fields.

Featured Faculty Member

Cathy Neimetz, PhD

Cathy earned a PhD in Developmental Psychology where she worked on various research and intervention projects to improve the quality of early childhood programs. She works to build partnerships with 2-year institutions as well as state-wide and regional early childhood organizations to support degree completion for future early childhood teachers. Dr. Neimetz directs a grant that supports teachers who are currently in the field in obtaining their early childhood degree/certification. She is developing partnerships with Chinese early childhood professionals to collaborate and share ways of improving early childhood education and teacher preparation in both countries. Read more about Cathy.