BS in Middle Level Education (4-8)

Why Major in Middle Level Education?

Students seeking a middle level certification to teach in any 4-8 grades will choose from concentrations that include: 1) English/Reading, 2) Social Studies, 3) Mathematics, and 4) Science. The concentration that the student chooses entitles the graduating student to teach that subject in any of the 4 through 8 grades and in the other non-concentration (focus) areas, grades 4 through 6. Students may choose between nine different tracking options (see below) including dual concentrations with either Mathematics or Science as the other concentration.


Seamlessly add a Master of Education in just 1 additional year!
“I wanted to pursue education through a Christian lens. After all, what’s the point in learning about creation without being in touch with the Creator? I think Eastern’s College of Education does a good job acknowledging our responsibility to lead well as educators but most importantly as followers of Christ.”

-Delaney Tacka '21 - Middle Level Social Studies

Middle Level Education Certification Programs

Concentration Areas:

  • English/Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Dual Concentration Areas

  • Dual Concentration in English/Reading and Mathematics
  • Dual Concentration in English/Reading and Science
  • Dual Concentration in  English/Reading and Social Studies
  • Dual Concentration in Social Studies and Mathematics
  • Dual Concentration in Social Studies and Science
  • Dual Concentration in Both Mathematics and Science

Why Major in Education at Eastern University?

Student Spotlight

Ian Roth, DVEC Hannah Amgott Memorial Scholarship

Ian Roth Eastern's Ian Roth has been selected as the winner of the Delaware Valley Education Consortium (DVEC) Hannah Amgott Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to five students from colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area who exhibit excellence in the pursuit of education. The DVEC is composed of 24 colleges and universities.

While at Eastern, Ian has served as a student representative on the Dean Search Committee, is a member of the Leadership Fellows Program, President of Eastern's Education Society (Kappa Delta Pi), pitcher on the university's baseball team, and a residential assistant.

Ian is a Middle Level Education major with concentrations in Social Studies and Mathematics. After graduation, he plans to stay at Eastern to complete his Master's degree.

Please check the State Authorizations page to determine if Eastern University’s program fulfills your state credentialing requirements. Students who seek similar credentialing in states other than Pennsylvania are advised to contact the appropriate credentialing agency within their home state to seek information and additional guidance about credentialing in your state of residence. Additional state or local district requirements may exist for field placements in this state. Out-of-state student placements cannot be guaranteed by the program or the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Students are responsible for following all state and local district requirements and regulations for their field placement.