Below are the core Education Courses for the BS and Certification in Middle Level Education. 

Course NumberCourse NameCredit
EDUC 200Foundations of Education3
EDUC 201Introduction to Special Education3
EDUC 202Assessment and Evaluation 3
EDUC 204WInclusive Education3
EDUC 205The Developing Child: PK through 4th grade3
EDUC 211Educational Psychology3
EDUC 212Teaching English as a Second Language3
EDUC 234Child and Adolescent Development3
EDUC 240Early Literacy Foundations3
EDUC 282Classroom Management3
EDUC 306*Science and Health for Children3
EDUC 308*Social Studies and Art for Children3
EDUC 310*Math for the Teacher of Children3
EDUC 328Early Childhood Education3
EDUC 380*Communication Arts for Children3
EDUC 403Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas3
EDUC 408Education Seminar with Field Experience (110 hrs)3
EDUC 410Student Teaching12
EDUC 420Seminar in Student Teaching3

* Middle Level Option for Mathematics and Science Concentration requires EDUC 306 Science and Health for Children and EDUC 310 Math for the Teacher of Children (not EDUC 308 Teaching Social Studies or EDUC 380 Teaching Communication Arts).

Certification in Middle Level Education Certification will require students to finish a concentration and focus areas outside the Middle Level Education major. Contact the College of Education for specific course requirements in each option.

Option One: Concentration in One Content Area
This option requires one concentration (English/Reading or Math or Science or Social Studies) and three generalist (focus) academic content areas.

Option Two: Concentration in Two Content Areas
This option requires concentration in two content areas and two generalist (focus) academic content areas: English/Reading and Mathematics, English/Reading and Science, Science and Mathematics, Social Studies and Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.