Student Teaching - BS in Middle Level Education (4-8)

Philosophy of placement for Middle Level Student Teachers:

Our philosophy for placement of student teachers is to allow the student teachers to choose their preferred grade levels and work toward that placement.  We also will allow them to choose their top three school districts that they would like to be placed in.  We generally will allow them to student teach up to an hour from the campus.  We recognize that the most likely district to hire a student teacher after graduating is the one that they did their student teaching in. We write the letters to the school district early in the semester before student teaching.  Students generally know of their  placement at least a month or two ahead of time so they can make any necessary accommodations. A supervisor will generally come every week to the school where they are student teaching and observe the student teacher and complete a write up or commendations and recommendations.  The observation culminates in a post-observation conference.

Middle Level Student Teaching

We are able to place students locally and generally within 60 miles of the university if this is requested of the students. We have access to urban, suburban, and rural districts for placement throughout PA and NJ. The BS in Middle Level Education has recently (within last several years) opened at Eastern Univeristy and so specific examples will be provided as students matriculate through this program.