BA in Psychology

Why Major in Psychology?

The BA in Psychology at Eastern University is a unique program which emphasizes the hub-science of psychology focusing on developmental, clinical, and research courses. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and take upper-level courses in areas such as the Techniques of counseling, Social Psychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and Psychology of the Family.

Eastern psychology alumni have careers as employees of crisis intervention agencies, social welfare agencies, community counseling programs and individual behavior modification programs.  Others have worked as research assistants, social service caseworkers, public health managers, residential care workers, and therapeutic support workers. Alumni have continued to graduate school to study, for example, art/movement/music therapy, marriage and family therapy, and school psychology. 

    James Mast
    “I was blown away by the passion and expertise of the professors at Eastern. It was clear that they loved their work and areas of study. Many of them were practitioners and scholars, which allowed them to pull from both research and firsthand clinical experiences when teaching. They taught me what it means to be a Christian professional, putting ethics and human dignity above all else. ”

    James Mast '09, MA '16, LPC, Mental Health Outpatient Psychotherapist, Family Based Services Mental Health Professional, Penn Foundation

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