You speak...

As a top-tier executive, you seek team-oriented, collaborative, and flexible employees. You want confident communicators who are comfortable with the complexity and uncertainty in today's changing business world.

we listen...

With a plethora of Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree programs, certifications, and Doctoral degrees, Eastern can prepare employees in your organization to lead with character and integrity.

...and then deliver results.

Eastern University has mastered the art of delivering quality educational programs. The curriculum is current; industry professionals teach each class. By participating in the Strategic Alliances program at Eastern University, you can expect your employees to receive the following:

Factors to consider when pursuing a partnership:

  • Clear definition of the partner's mission and synergy with Eastern University
  • Clear definition of the mutual benefits
  • Coordination within Eastern University programs and departments
  • Budget implications 
  • Risk management 
  • Long-term outcomes and objectives

Please see Eastern University’s Partnership Agreement Review and Approval Process (PDF)