The charges below are effective Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020.

Tuition Charges

Undergraduate (12-18 credits) $16,652  per semester
Part-time Undergraduate (1-11 credits) $730 per credit hour
Overload Credits $730 per credit hour
Summer School Courses $730 per credit hour
Summer Online, Resident FastPass (cost after aid) $0 per credit hour
Summer Online, Commuter FastPass Lite (cost after aid) $195 per credit hour
Summer Online Courses $359 per credit hour
Auditing- Undergraduate $365 per credit hour


General & Program Fees

Student Services Fee, Fall and Spring Terms $275 per FA and SP semester
Student Services Fee, Summer Terms (SU, SU1 and SU2) $80 per summer term
BSN, Pre-Nursing Major Fees $310 per semester
BSN, Nursing Major Fees $510 per semester


Course Fees

Athletic Training Laboratory (ATTR 371L and ATTR 375L) $180  per course
Exercise Sci: Field Access, Skills and Techniques: EXCS 395 $180 per course
Introduction to Faith, Reason and Justice: INST 150 $180 per course
Introduction to the City: SOCI 205 $180 per course
Music Instrumental Laboratory $180 per course
Private Music Lessons- For Majors $390 per credit
Private Music Lessons- For Non-Majors $445 per credit
Science Laboratory $180 per course
Student Teaching $375 per course


Other Fees

Application for Admission- Undergraduate $35  one-time fee
College Success Program $4,000 per semester
Graduation Fee $165 one-time fee
Green Energy Fee- Optional (Annual) $44 per academic year
Health Insurance- US Citizen TBD  
Health Insurance- International* TBD  
Housing Deposit (returning students only) $160 per academic year
Identification Card Replacement $15 per lost card
Independent or Self-Directed Study (in addition to tuition) $320 per course
Late payment Fee (per semester) $160 per semester
Off-Campus Studies, Abroad/Away  $510 per semester
Parking Registration: Resident @ St. Davids (annual) $335 per year
Parking Registration: Resident using West Lot (annual) $200 per year
Parking Registration: Full-Time Commuter (annual) $280 per year
Parking Registration: Part-Time (annual) $150 per year
Return Check Fee (NSF or Closed Account) $50 per returned check
Transcript Fee (one time) $65 one-time fee


Room Charges

Apartment $3,877 per semester
Basic Housing $3,068 per semester
Room with Semi-Private Bath $3,604 per semester
Single Room Premium $615 per semester
Suite $3,866 per semester
The Village Apartments $8,615 per semester
Summer Room (non-Air Conditioned Room) $210 per week


Board Charges

Board, Semester $2,700 per semester
Summer Board $200 per week

Additional Tuition Information

The University reserves the right to change its schedule of fees without prior notice.