The charges below are effective Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021.

Tuition Costs

Master's and Certifications in Counseling, Education, Psychology, Anthropology $743 per credit hour
Master's and Certifications in Nursing (MSN) $743 per credit hour
Master's in Data Science (MS) $300 per credit hour
Master's in Business (MBA, MA, MS) $765 per credit hour
DA & PhD in Marriage and Family $908 per credit hour
PhD in Organizational Leadership $1,035 per credit hour
Auditing, for all courses: 50% of program tuition 50% per credit hour


General & Program Fees

MS in Data Science $30 per credit hour
Student Service Fee- Graduate, Trad (FA, SP, SU/SU1/SU2 Term) $118 per semester
Graduate Counseling/Education/Psychology Program Fee $182 per semester
Graduate Business Program Fee $29 per credit hour
Graduate Nursing: MSN Program Fee $36 per credit hour
DA & PhD in Marriage and Family Program Fee $188 per semester
PhD in Organizational Leadership Program Fee $188 per semester

Course Fees

MA Org Leadership: LEAD681a $321 per course
Anthropology Thesis: ANTH680 $500 per course
Student Teaching: EDUC 610 $380 per course


Other Fees

Graduation Fee $170 one time fee
Green Energy Fee- Optional (annual) $44 per academic year
Late Payment Fee (per semester, FA, SP, SU) $165 per semester
Late Payment Fee (per term, FA1‐SU2) $82.50 per term
Parking Registration: Graduate and Non‐Traditional Undergrad $155 per academic year
Return Check Fee (NSF or Closed Account) $50 per returned check
Transcript Fee (one time) $75 one time fee
Test Out, Desktop Software Technology $155 per credit hour


Additional Tuition Information

The University reserves the right to change its schedule of fees without prior notice.