Why Major in Youth Ministries?

The BA in Youth Ministries is a unique blend of youth ministry, biblical studies, and theology courses, including upper-level courses in programming skills, discipleship, youth ministry in urban settings, as well as courses in the foundations of Christian spirituality and theological thinking.  This degree prepares students for careers in youth ministry in para-church ministries, inner-city ministries, traditional church settings, and a variety of other settings.

Maddie Ridgeway
“The Youth Ministries major provided me with the structure I needed to have a well-rounded view of ministry. I feel I could take the core values I was taught to any setting and feel confident in the ministry God has called me to.”

Maddie Ridgeway ‘17, Director of Student and Young Adult Ministries at Paoli Presbyterian

Student Testimonials

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Recent Youth Ministry Graduates Serve In:

  • Church Ministry
  • Para-Church Ministry
  • Urban Youth Ministry
  • International Youth Ministry
  • Outdoor and Wilderness Ministry
  • Camping Ministry
  • College and Young Adult Ministry
  • Chaplaincy in children's hospitals