BA in English: Concentration in Literature

Kasey takes a break from her writing internship in Philadelphia to read a literary journal that has published one of her poems.

Why Major in English with a Concentration in Literature?

Whatever profession you enter, a BA in English will provide you with not only the practical skills of communication, but also the imagination and vision that it takes for you to succeed and to empower others. By concentrating in Literature, one can easily pursue any career (including occupations in nursing, law, web design, activism, teaching or publishing) because the ability to interpret the complexity of human behavior and to interact with care and intelligence are necessary skills in our contemporary world. Because students become fluent with the multiple social, political, and religious perspectives offered by Multi-Ethnic, International, American, and European writing, they are able to appreciate and work with a diversity of individuals. In addition, the world is increasingly requiring teamwork, and thus the ability to take actions, listen carefully and speak intelligently are essential skills that students are trained to master in our department.

Why Choose Eastern?

Well, Eastern University English Majors know that studying English is not just about grammar.

They understand that studying literature is about reading and interpreting everything, from analyzing television commercials for racial stereotypes to identifying the psychological motivations of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello. Within the major, our"In my years as a student I have never felt more accepted and welcomed into a place as I have in the English department. It’s home. It’s family and friends that love and care about you, that share your love for reading and writing, and most importantly, that share their love for Jesus."
Kristen Patterson, BA in English
students are exposed to so many disciplines--such as psychology, economics, theology, communications, and gender studies--that they are able to take the practical skills they have learned in analyzing culture to any occupation. They become leaders who have the ability to see what is and to imagine what can be.

After a few years of deep examination of so many authors, activists, and artists, our students seek to embody and enact the decisive wisdom they have discovered. Like Chilean author and activist Isabel Allende, our Literature majors “want a world where life is preserved, and the quality of life is enriched for everybody, not only for the privileged.”

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