Why Major in Accounting and Finance?

The BS in Accounting and Finance at Eastern University is designed to equip students with a breadth of understanding in business, economics, and ethics, as well as more specific skills necessary for success in the business world. Graduates are prepared to go directly into public accounting, corporate or small business sectors, or to continue on to graduate school for an MBA or similar accounting and finance degree in any area of business. Accounting and Finance students take theology and ethics courses, in addition to their business courses, and are challenged by faculty to consider how to use their influence in the business world to ensure that profit and products are consistent with Christian ethics.

Haley Becker ’15
“The accounting and finance major at Eastern not only prepared me academically for my career, but also provided me with life and professional skills that I can apply each day on the job.”

Haley Becker ’15, Associate Planner
Radnor Financial Advisors, LLC

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Why Major in Business at Eastern University?