Accounting Minor

Why Minor in Accounting at Eastern?

Accounting is often called the "language" of business. Accountants provide much of the data that is used in business decision making. The task of the accountant is to retrieve and report data gathered in many types of business and non-business organizations. Accounting involves much more than simply gathering financial data; it involves the analysis and communication of the data in a usable format for various types of economic decisions by management, government, consumers, creditors, and stockholders.


The minor in Accounting at Eastern University includes the following courses:

Course Number Course Name Credit
  Required Accounting Courses: 12
ACCT 207 Accounting Principles I  
ACCT 208 Accounting Principles II  
ACCT 361 Intermediate Financial Accounting I  
ACCT 362 Intermediate Financial Accounting II  
  Additional Accounting Courses: 6
  Any ACCT Course (2 courses)  
  Any ACCT Course (1 course) and FINA 424  
  Total Credit Hours: 18

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.