Process of Internship in the Business Department

The Business Internship Program at Eastern is a faculty-led initiative that seeks to support students with work experience that enhances their classroom knowledge, so students are best prepared to maximize their gifts and talents in the workplace upon graduation. 

This program allows majors to learn professional, practical, and relational workforce skills while conferencing with an Eastern faculty member to process the internship experience. 

Internships are encouraged as early as sophomore year.

Students may earn up to 12 elective credits through internship while attending Eastern, based on hours worked.

The individualized internship course runs in both fall and spring semesters. The course culminates in 2 videos that include an elevator pitch and an extended 

Students may seek internships in the Philadelphia area, in their hometowns, nationally, or internationally, depending on individual career goals and schedules. Summer internship opportunities may be credited in the fall or spring semester after approval from faculty.

Preparation to engage in Internship in the Business Department

Upon arriving at Eastern University, Business students can make an appointment and conference with The Business Programs Internship Coordinator within CBL, or The Center for Career Development is another resource to learn more about internship opportunities at Eastern. 

While all students have access to Handshake and are encouraged to create LinkedIn accounts, CBL offers 3 career courses that are open to all majors at Eastern University:

Intro to Career Building - The course requires the students to evaluate resume and internship options, to each craft their own resume, Handshake and LinkedIn sites, and to select internship opportunities for which to apply. The result is that each student leaves the course prepared to apply for internships and aware of how to maintain and update the necessary materials to continue this process independently in the future.

Interviewing & Strategies - This course provides instruction and methods of exploration to enable students to effectively investigate industries, company cultures, careers, and specific jobs. The course requires the students to prepare for informational interviews, create and present elevator speeches, and update current resumes as well as Handshake and LinkedIn sites. 

Final Prep for the Workplace - This course supports students’ smooth transition into the workforce or further educational opportunities. The course requires the students to create realistic expectations and understand what occurs in the transition from student to career person by engaging with alumni, practicing workplace troubleshooting, and growing their financial literacy including topics such as spending habits, budgeting, and debt management. 

Current Internship Experiences

We hope you enjoy a sampling of quotes written by current students about their internship experience: 

“My internship has been an eye-opening experience, showcasing the practical application of my classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios. This opportunity has not only enriched my understanding and skills in the financial sector but also allowed me to build valuable connections with industry professionals. This internship has provided valuable insights into how my classes will contribute to my future career, making my educational journey more meaningful and focused.”

Dominic Villamor ’27, Accounting & Business Administration Double Major, Concentration in Financial Services
Analyst Intern at Sun Life Financial, Inc.

“This internship has given me the opportunity to expand various skills as well as given me many networking opportunities. This position has also given me leadership opportunities as well as insight into determining a future career path!”

Kara Frantz ’26, Accounting & Business Administration Double Major
Executive Office Student Program Intern at USLI

“My internship has taught me so many different skills that I will use for the rest of my career. I use leadership skills every day to get the job done. Communication is tested as well. I am more prepared for the career path ahead of me.”

Logan McGowen ‘26
Business Administration Major, Leadership and Marketing Minors
Lead Crew Foreman of Environmental Control Intern at Allsteel Supply Inc. and Environmental Control Solutions

“Having this experience with Hedenberg Real Estate Co as a Relator allowed me to see firsthand the consistency, skill sets, and the hours it takes to be among the elite in the Real Estate industry. The communication, organizational, and human relation skills that were built will prepare me to flourish as an Agent within the Real Estate Industry upon graduation.”

De’Shon Cooper '27
Business Administration Major with Biblical Studies Minor and Financial Services Concentration 
Intern at Hedenberg Real Estate Co.

“Since starting my internship, I have felt more prepared for my life after graduation. I am learning skills that I can't learn in the classroom, and I have been able to experience what a job like this would look like and feel like. I have been able to decipher which paths I enjoy as well as dislike, so I know how to approach my future steps towards a career. Internships are, I would say, the best way for a college student to ease into the real world, and they are a great way to prepare for the future.”

Gracie Horton ’26 Accounting Major
Summer Tax Intern at Brinker Simpson & Company

“Internships are a great way to easily know what you want to do and get a true experience of what the real world work life is like. Through this internship at Wawa I have made some great connections, gotten my name out there, and created an identity for myself. I have become more aware and up to date with what I want to do and formed new skills. These skills have a direct impact on my school life, and I will use them to better myself and keep growing in my career path.”

Zach Puckett ‘26
Business Administration with a Concentration in Financial Services. HVACR Intern within the facilities department - Wawa Inc. (Wawa Corporate)