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Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting internship experience during your years at Eastern?  The Office for Talent and Career Development can help! Please contact Noelle Rosenblum, Coordinator of Internships and Career Services, at nrosenbl@eastern.edu or (484)-581-1264.  Her office is in ELC 201.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Internships, please see our Internship FAQs.

Eastern University's Office for Talent & Career Development provides newsletters of Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs and Internship and Volunteer Opportunities as a career service to our students and the community.  As of 8/12/13, we will post only paid internship positions with for-profit organizations and paid or unpaid internships with nonprofit organizations.  

We cannot verify or guarantee the accuracy of the contents. Please use appropriate caution and check out job options and job applications thoroughly.

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities March 13, 2014

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities February 27, 2014

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities February 21, 2014

Every week, a hard copy of the newest edition is available to students outside the Walton Hall mailroom.

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