Environmental Science student doing field research

Why Major in Environmental Science?

The BS in Environmental Science at Eastern University prepares students to understand both the language of Biology and Ecology, and the language of environmental law and regulations. Students take upper-level biology courses in Ecology, Environmental Issues, Environmental Regulation and Policy, Geology, and at least two field biology electives courses along with two chemistry courses and elective courses in economics, political science, and mathematics. Field biology electives are offered at Eastern; however, students are also encouraged to take their field courses at Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies, which is a full-time summer field course program.

This major helps prepare students for environmental research or consulting, environmental education, graduate studies related to ecology and conservation, policy work at a variety of levels, and law school, particularly for environmental law.

Student Testimonials

“The most rewarding part of being in STEM is imagining what opportunities I could be making easier for someone younger than me. The work of conservation is incredibly complex and difficult, but if I can open doors for a more diverse workforce, I can help make things better for the next generation. ”

Shannon Farmer ’17, BS Environmental Science and Minor in Biology, Conservation Education Instructor at Walt Disney World

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