Health and Medical Club

If Pre-Med students can be any major, how do you find other Pre-Med students?

You are encouraged to join the Eastern University Health and Medical Club, which meets monthly. The student president and the faculty advisor (Dr. Maria Fichera) work together to provide students with many enriching opportunities. The club visits local medical schools in the area to attend their open houses, and invites guest speakers to campus to talk about such issues as balancing career and personal life, medical ethics, and opportunities for medical missionaries. Furthermore, the club provides the opportunity for students to discuss questions about the MCAT, science courses and the application process. All Eastern University students interested in medical, veterinary, and dental schools as well as other careers in the health professions or sciences are invited to join the Eastern University Health and Medical Club.

Earthkeepers Club

Earthkeepers is a group of Eastern University students devoted to promoting proper stewardship of God's creation through education and service. They believe they are called to answer and fulfill a mandate handed down to us by God: to live as loving and responsible stewards of the earth and to work toward the health and harmony of creation. This student-run group is focused on promoting service opportunities on Eastern’s campus. Some of these service opportunities include campus work-days, restoration of natural areas on campus, improving walking trails, and building and caring for the on-campus garden.