Biology Student Testimonials

Why Choose the Biology Department at Eastern?

  • Wide Variety of Career Opportunities: The Biology Department at Eastern University prepares students for careers related to medicine, environmental biology, laboratory research, and secondary science education. Graduates of the Biology Department at Eastern have continued on to: careers in medicine (as physicians, dentists, physician assistants, or physical therapists); graduate studies in various fields, such as pharmaceutical, environmental and other types of research; law school (for environmental and regulatory policy); secondary science education; and medical or agricultural related ministries.
  • Great Location & Resources: Eastern University students have access to equipment used in biomedical and molecular biology research, and numerous medical and research internship opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area. We are within two hours of many diverse ecosystems and resources for field biology like the Smithsonian, and are a founding member of the Au Sable Institute that offers outstanding field courses in May term and Summer I and II.
  • Unique Program Pairings: Eastern offers a 5 year program to the BS in Biology and MEd that provides a strong entry opportunity for secondary science teaching. Eastern’s strong Spanish program permits a minor in Spanish with Biology coupled with a semester in Mexico, for medical and lab-oriented students, or in Costa Rica, for a field biology focus.
  • Research with Expert Faculty: Biology students at Eastern University work with experienced and published faculty, actively involved in research and/or service, and dedicated to teaching and student research. The Biology Department also aids students in finding opportunities to participate in off-campus research and internships.

A Day in the Life of a Biology Student

“I chose Biology and Environmental Science as majors because I am concerned with not only how the world impacts us, but how we impact the world. The two are compliments of each other and links the human experience with the rest of God’s creation. At Eastern I get to explore science as being complimentary to Scripture and not as something at odds with it.”

-Aaron Nickie ’21

Biology Department Mission Statement

Through rigorous studies of biological principles and hands-on laboratory analysis, we prepare students with a solid background in Biology, coupled with a liberal arts education. The development of an inquiring mind is coupled with rigorous reasoning, while remembering that the earth is the Lord’s, and scientific work is work that should serve and honor Christ.

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