John, MBA '18

Leadership student. Youth development director. Obstacle-tackler.

Current Job: Development Director, Boy Scouts of America


How does the prop you brought represent you?

"Leadership" Bible - I am a student of Jesus' leadership skills, and John Maxwell's "leadership" Bible helps bring focus to these leadership lessons throughout the Bible.


How would you describe courage in one sentence?

Courage is taking action in the face of fear or harm.


How did getting your degree require courage?

With a demanding schedule at work and getting married while in the program, I needed the courage to take the first step to start, as well as the courage to tackle obstacles as they arrive during the program. 


How does your current job or career path require courage?

As Scouting continues to evolve to serve more families, we must have courage to make the changes that help more youth develop character and leadership skills despite pushback to change.


How did EU help you become more courageous in your thinking and actions?

Eastern used biblical teachings to help instill the courage that Jesus used to carry out his ministry of salvation and showing love while here on earth.


Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

I hope my courage leads me out of my comfort zone to invite them to church as well as the courage to trust God when unexpected opportunities or struggles arise.

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