Jess MA '19, School Counseling

Nature-lover. Career-changer. Future school counselor.

How does the prop you brought represent you?

The prop (picture of the St. George River in Maine where I spent my childhood) represents me because of my love of nature and the ocean.  It also represents my love for my family and pride for the state I grew up in.


How would you describe courage in one sentence?

Courage is being brave enough to overcome fear and obstacles in order to pursue the things in life that you are most passionate about.


How does your current job or career path require courage?   

I left a job that I had been at for ten years in order to become a full-time grad student and pursue my desire to become a school counselor. The courage to make this leap was sparked by my father’s passing in the beginning of last year.  Losing a parent can bring much clarity into your life and you realize how precious time is and how little we have of it in the grand scheme of things.

Through everything that I endured throughout my bereavement process, I overcame my fear of change (as it was the main component that was getting in the way of what I wanted to pursue in order to continue my journey of personal growth and development).  I took action, applied for the school counseling graduate program at Eastern University, and got accepted! Having the courage to step out of my comfort zone has put me on the path towards the next chapter in my career/life and I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited for the journey that lies ahead.


Where do you hope courage will lead you in the future?

I hope that courage will lead me to be the best version of myself so that I can be most effective in loving and helping others to be the best version of their own selves.  

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